Why Neuro-Link

Neuro-Link is a boutique consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of performance optimization. We license business partners, and practitioners to use and sell our Neuro-Agility assessments and learning solutions to support the services they offer to their clients. So, we provide our business partners and practitioners with a state-of-the-art digital assessments and learning solutions delivery system and support. We take care of the science, research, development, technology, and branding, so our business partners and practitioners can focus on building their practices / businesses and help their clients succeed. Neuro-Link serves as the global executive and management body to anything neuro-agility.

Neuro-Link is a Purpose-Driven Company with:

  • A Global Footprint
  • Proven Results 
  • A-List Corporate Clients
  • Sought-After Products, Services and Experience
  • Stature, Credibility and Integrity

Neuro-Link = A Purpose Driven Company

Neuro-Link offers cutting edge applied neuroscience assessments and learning solutions to businesses, educational institutions, sports organizations and individuals. We are workplace learning specialists enabling companies and people with skills to out-think, out-learn, out-create and out-perform their competition.

Neuro-Link assists professionals in talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, engagement and work place happiness to:

  • Identify people’s learning potential
  • Create a learning culture
  • Increase performance
  • Accelerate learning
  • Develop agile leadership
  • Optimize brain health and wellness
  • Develop talent
  • Improve workplace happiness
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Identify and minimize risk for human error
Our Core Purpose
We develop people
Our Core Values
People • Truth • Excellence
Our Value Propositon
We move performance forward by developing agile people
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Specialized Field

Neuro-Link specializes in the neuroscience of performance optimization and more specifically neuro-agility. This field consist of scientific research focusing on how the brain learns, thinks and processes information. It provides evidence and solutions about how cognitive functions of the brain can be developed and optimized. It grew mostly from a people development technology called brain-based learning and development. Our specialized field provides sufficient evidence that validates learning as one of the essential ingredients for improving performance in the workforce and impacting company bottom line. Our assessments are grounded in neuroscience. Neuro-Link assist people and organizations with anchoring their people development practices in applied neuroscience.

Why Neuroscience?

  • Neuroscience validates the behavioral sciences as it is grounded into the hard sciences like physiology, neurophysiology, biochemistry, anatomy, immunology, education etc.
  • It offers an inclusive approach to people development. A brain has no color, race, age, culture, language or gender and therefore focuses on what people have in common with each other – a brain!
  • It is the most scientific, comprehensive and accurate framework for performance optimization, talent identification and development, learning and development yet, helping business separate facts from fiction.
  • Neuro-Link offers a framework for talent development professionals that deepens their understanding of people’s potential and how to optimize talent.
  • It is based on the brain’s natural design for learning and how to develop people
  • It compliments other people development practices like Neurolinguistic Programing, Emotional Intelligence, education, psychology and developing learning agility and learning ability.
  • It delivers powerful Return On Investment and performance improvement results.

Neuroscience of Learning Fundamentals

There are certain fundamental premises of the neuroscience of learning and performance optimization that are essential for talent development professionals and learning facilitators to understand its implications and applications to organizational learning. Learners, facilitators and people development practitioners engaged in the field of learning, who are responsible to prepare children, students and workers for selecting and developing the skills necessary to prosper in the turbulent landscape predicted for the future, will be well-served to have a clearer understanding of issues such as:

• The bio-chemistry of learning, thinking and performance optimization
• The neuroscience of the learning cycle
• How neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility is at the core of learning and behavior change
• How the brain works and processes information
• Learning implications of different brain regions
• How to identify and improve drivers that optimize brain performance and brain health
• The concept of neurological dominance, it’s relationship between brain hemisphere and sensory dominance and its impact on performance and safety
• How to determine people’s unique neuro-design and learning potential
• Aligning workers’ neuro-design and learning preferences with their job functions to increase their joy, energy, sense of purpose and engagement.
• How to prepare and activate the brain for learning, thinking and creativity
• Brain fitness skills and exercises to flex mental muscle
• Accommodating social and emotional learning in the workplace
• Advanced visual skills for workers who have to processes volumes of information
• How to develop complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence skills for future workers
• Aligning workplace learning practices with memory and attention spans
• Creating brain friendly working and learning environments

Therefore, anyone responsible for the development of people should strengthen their understanding of the neuroscience of learning and apply this evidence-based knowledge to their practice of human capital development. The goal would be for them to incorporate these fundamental principles into their learning design and test it through the applications of their new neuro-aligned learning interventions and determine its impact on behavior change and performance improvement.