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Neuro-Link and Neuro Agility

Neuro-Link is an international consultancy specializing in Neuro Agility assessments and performance optimization solutions. Our unique specialized field is called Neuro Agility. Developing neuro-agile people, teams and organizations is what we do. 

“Neuro Agility is about optimizing the brain-mind elements that increase the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn, and process information. It helps you to optimize your brain fitness, increase your mental flexibility, and reduce your risk for error, enabling you to have a fast, focused, and flexible mind.”

Being neuro-agile is not optional anymore, but mandatory. An agile brain, powered by skills to solve complex problems, make accurate decisions fast, and the cognitive flexibility to access the full range of all thinking and learning modalities simultaneously, is your competitive advantage, and the secret ingredient for individual, team, and organizational success in a technologically advanced world. Neuro Agility is a power skill and differentiating factor for people who want to be employable, successful, and competitive in a disruptive world. 

Neuro-Link is also the sole owner, developer, and primary licensor of all Neuro Agility Profile® (NAP™) assessments, learning solutions, logos, intellectual property, and trademarks. We offer business partner opportunities to businesses, coaches, consultants, assessment companies, and people development companies to train, market, distribute, and sell NAP™ assessments and learning solutions. They are licensed as business partners or practitioners who create a lucrative business hub, by recruiting clients, business partners, and practitioners and deliver Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions.

_Dr André Vermeulen MG_0078
Dr. André Vermeulen: CEO, Neuro-Link,
Neuro Agility Thought Leader

How Can We Help You?

Solutions & Services

Why Choose Us?

As workplace consultants, being on the frontline of experiencing workplace challenges and needs with our clients for more than 30 years, we have the experience, specialized neuroscience expertise, and knowledge to help you meet your business challenges, improve individual and organizational agility and optimize performance. 

Do you have a project in mind?

We have the experience and evidence to prove that Neuro-Link can assist you in projects that require:

  • Performance optimization
  • Increasing productivity
  • Developing high-performing agile leaders and teams
  • Reducing risk for errors,
    Identifying and developing talent
  • Accelerating learning

Why Start With Assessments?

"You can’t improve what you can’t measure"

Neuro Agility Profile® assessments, referred to as NAP™ assessments, are the starting point to measure the elements you need to improve to develop agile individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations. NAP™ assessments provide validated and highly reliable information. It helps people understand themselves and others better and make informed decisions about optimizing their brain performance, reducing their risk for errors, developing their talents, and improving their brain fitness and mental agility.

NAP™ Assessments

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