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Neuro-Link and Neuro Agility

Neuro-Link is an international boutique consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of performance optimization. This unique specialized field is called Neuro Agility. Developing neuro-agile people, teams and organizations is what we do. 

Neuro-Link is the sole owner, developer and primary licensor of all Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions, logos, intellectual property and trademarks.

“Neuro Agility is about optimizing the brain-mind elements that increase the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn, and process information. It helps you to optimize your brain fitness, increase your mental flexibility and reduce your risk for error, enabling you to have a fast, focused, and flexible mind.”

Being neuro-agile is not optional anymore, but mandatory. An agile brain, powered by skills to solve complex problems, make accurate decisions fast, and the cognitive flexibility to access the full range of all thinking and learning modalities simultaneously, is your competitive advantage, and the secret ingredient for individual, team, and organizational success in a technologically advanced world. Neuro-Agility is the differentiating factor for people who want to be employable, successful, and competitive in a disruptive world. 

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Dr. André Vermeulen: CEO, Neuro-Link,
Neuro-Agility Thought Leader

NAP™ Assessments

Neuro-Link is the sole owner, developer, and provider of Neuro-Agility Profile™ assessments world wide. These assessments have been developed by Dr. André Vermeulen, in conjunction with neurophysiologists and neuroscientists to measure how Neuro-Agile people are and how to improve their brain’s performance and mental flexibility. It has been registered and trademarked as a Neuro-Agility Profile™ and is abbreviated as NAP™. The NAP™ is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessment of its kind to measure the brain-mind elements that impact the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people think, learn, and process information. 

Developing Neuro-Agility is the most fundamental point of departure in improving performance and developing talent. As much as an athlete has to practice to become fit and flexible to perform at an optimum level, as much you need to develop brain fitness and mental flexibility to have a fast, flexible, and focused mind that can learn, think and solve problems quickly and easily. To follow a validated performance improvement process, we measure the brain-mind elements that impact people’s overall brain fitness and mental flexibility and re-measure after performance improvement solutions were introduced. The NAP™ should be an essential tool in any person’s toolbox to develop themselves and others.

Scientific Grounding

Developed by Dr. André Vermeulen, in conjunction with neurophysiologists and neuroscientists, the NAP™ is grounded in published and peer-reviewed research. The NAP™ correlates with existing measures of other assessments in the expected directions. Theoretical expectations in terms of strength and direction of correlations were confirmed. Validity arguments/hypotheses for the NAP™ assessment findings were accepted and found to be true. NAP™ assessments are found to be highly reliable. A detailed report are available to NAP™ practitioners.

The neuro-agility framework consist of 6 drivers that optimize your brain performance and 7 neurophysiological components of your neurological design that will maximize the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. This self-assessment reliably determines how the elements of neuro-agility are cultivated in any given individual or group. Based on these results, the NAP™ then provides actionable recommendations and solutions to increase your brain performance and cognitive flexibility.

NAP™ Advanced+ for Adults

NAP™ Student Performer

NAP™ Toolbox for Children

About Neuro-Link

Neuro-Link is a boutique consultancy that translates neuroscience into practical assessments and learning solutions that organizations use to develop agile, high-performing individuals and teams that drive extraordinary results.

What We Do:

Neuro-Link develops people by moving their performance forward through our neuro-agility assessments and learning solutions.  We are workplace learning specialists who specialize in the neuroscience of performance optimization. Neuro-Link equips people with the most desired human skills for the workplace of the future by using our unique brain-mind assessments and learning solutions that assist organizations in selecting the right people and developing their full potential.

Discover Your Neuro-Agility Profile™

The Neuro Agility Profile™  provides a holistic picture of the elements that impact your brain performance and potential. With a specific focus on cultivating high-performance and brain health, it recommends solutions and behaviors that are proven to increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. It is a rigorously tested and validated self-assessment that gives you a personalized profile of the areas in which you can optimize your brain fitness and mental flexibility.

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Some Clients

Why Choose Us?

As workplace consultants, being on the frontline of experiencing workplace challenges and needs with our clients for more than 30 years, we have the experience, specialized neuroscience expertise and and knowledge to help you address your business challenges, improve individual and organizational agility and optimize performance. 

With us you’ll feel heard. We listen to our client requirements and then select the right solution that fits. We care for your business as our own. We take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your company reach its potential.

Do you have a project in mind?

We have the experience and evidence to prove that Neuro-Link can assist you in projects that require: * performance optimization, * increasing productivity, * developing high performing agile leaders and teams, * reducing risk for errors, * identifying and developing talent, * accelerating learning.

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Let us help you develop agile people and build an agile organization

Why Assessments?

You can’t improve what you can’t measure

Neuro Agility assessments, referred to as NAP™ assessments, are the starting point to measure the elements we need to improve to develop agile individuals, teams and organizations. NAP assessments provide validated and highly reliable information which can help people understand themselves and others better and make informed decisions about optimizing their brain performance, reducing their risk for errors, developing their talents and improving their brain fitness and mental agility.

Highly Motivated Team with Innovative Approaches

At Neuro-Link we are passionate about making our world work better by developing neuro-agile people. We promise excellence in the quality products and services we render to our clients and business partners. Neuro-Link is your trusted partner in all things people development.