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Business Partners are entrepreneurial professionals in the people development industry that are licensed to distribute, sell and deliver Neuro-Agility assessments and learning solutions in volumes to users of Neuro-Agility products and services in various countries and regions of the globe. They are Neuro-Agility practitioners with a strong business focus.  To become a Business Partner, NAP™ Practitioner Training is a pre-requisite for any professional development in Neuro-Agility, or any involvement in the Neuro-Agility Community. It will enable you to become a Neuro-Agility expert. You will learn how to use our NAP™ assessments and online learning solutions as tools to help your clients improve performance, identify potential, develop talent and reduce their risk for error. Should you be interested in becoming a Business Partner, please ensure you familiarize yourself with all the NAP™ practitioner requirements, as this will be your point of departure in becoming a Business Partner.

Partnership Categories

Choosing a level of partnering with us depends on your needs, business experience, and network of influence in the people development field.

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Who Should Consider Partnering with Us?

Entrepreneurial people development professionals like:

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Partnership Requirements

The following requirements are relevant to become a Business Partner

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