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We help our clients develop a neuro-agile workforce who drive business results.

Specialized Field: Neuroscience to Learning and Performance Optimization

Neuro-Link’s purpose is to develop people. Our specialist field is the neuroscience of performance improvement. Neuro Agility is our passion. Developing high-performing, neuro-agile people, leaders, teams, and organizations is what we do.

Our workplace consultants help companies improve their top and bottom lines by developing talent and improving performance, using our unique Neuro Agility Profile® (NAP™) assessments and cutting-edge learning solutions. These brain-mind assessments help organizations understand the neuro-design (potential) of their workers, leaders, and teams and how they can help them increase their brain fitness and mental flexibility.

As performance optimization specialists, we follow a 3-phase consultative approach. We believe “you can’t improve what you can’t measure”. Our business consulting process starts with completing a NAP™ assessment, determining people’s potential, and levels of brain fitness, mental flexibility, and risk for human error. Subsequently, we introduce neuroscience-based learning solutions to develop and optimize areas for further improvement as identified in our NAP™ assessments. A post-assessment is then done to determine the level of performance improvement achieved and where it can be improved further. 

Neuro Agility is an interdisciplinary field that examines how the brain learns, thinks, functions, and processes information. It provides evidence and solutions to how cognitive functions of the brain can be developed and optimized. This specialized field grew from an evolving body of neuroscience research and brain-based learning and development. The neuroscience of learning provides sufficient evidence that can be put into practice validating learning as one of the essential ingredients for improving the performance of your workforce, improving productivity, and impacting the bottom line in profound ways.

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Neuro Wellness:

Neuro Agility consists of two dimensions – elements of your neurological design and drivers that optimize brain health and performance. The drivers that optimize brain health help companies assess and improve brain health and wellness. We offer a holistic wellness program to promote health and wellness in the workplace. It complements internal Employee Assistance Programs and Employee Wellness Programs as it focuses on empowering people to know what they should be doing for themselves before they seek assistance from these programs. Some companies implement this program as an organization-wide intervention to proactively promote wellness and happiness in the workplace.

  • Click here to see the Neuro Agility Framework.

Learning Culture Solutions:

A company’s ability to learn faster than their competition may be its only sustainable competitive advantage. We help organizations reshape and transform their corporate culture into a learning culture, starting with our assessments and learning solutions.

Neuro Coaching Solutions:

We offer neuro-coaching sessions and Neuro Agility Practitioner training for leaders and internal coaches to debrief employees and team members to help them achieve their performance goals and drive business results.

  • Click here to learn more about NAP Practitioner training

Service Delivery

We deliver consulting services in the following ways:

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  • Consulting with clients and developing tailor-made neuroscience-based learning solutions to help them solve the people and performance challenges they experience
  • Delivering tailor-made, neuroscience-based keynotes at conferences and events across the globe
  • Neuro Agility training – master classes, workshops, team development sessions, motivational talks, and practitioner training
  • Online assessments and self-paced learning solutions:                        –  NAP™ assessments for individuals, leaders, and  teams                           – Emotional intelligence profiles for individuals, leaders, and teams
    – Neuro Agility Practitioner Training
    – Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Training
    – 9 online emotional intelligence modules
    – Live webinars
  • Free Neuro Agility awareness and information sessions
  • Blended learning solutions

Consulting Services

Neuro-Link helps organizations and people development professionals to ensure their talent pipeline is robust, employee engagement is high, workplace performance and happiness are satisfactory and employee wellness is good. Within the specialized field of Neuro Agility and the neuroscience of performance improvement and learning, we provide the following consulting services to your organization:

Minimizing the Risk for Human Errors:

People’s unique combinations of brain hemispheres and sensory preferences determine how they process information. Some combinations may lead to people experiencing neurological hindrances during stress increasing their risk for human errors. This may lead to serious mistakes, injury, or even loss of life when operating dangerous machinery or tools. 

We help organizations reduce their workforce’s risk for human error by using our NAP™ Advanced+ assessments to measure people’s information processing preferences. The NAP™ assessment will indicate their potential risk for error and if they experience neurological hindrances. It will also offer solutions to minimize any neurological hindrances identified. Through a blended approach, participants are trained to minimize neurological hindrances and maintain high levels of mental alertness during stress and fatigue. Subsequently, a post-assessment is done to measure performance improvement. 

Neuro-Link also assists businesses in creating brain-friendly work environments conducive to productivity, health, and safety. Through our unique NAP™ assessments, we also enable leadership and workers to understand their own and others’ neuro-design and how to minimize their risk for human error.

  • Click here to see a case study.

Talent Development Solutions:

We help organizations develop their talent and improve people’s performance by following a 3-phased approach. We start by assessing what we aim to improve. Subsequently, we introduce learning solutions to address the development needs identified in the assessment and then re-assess to determine progress made. Our assessments include our unique Neuro Agility Profile® and 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile® assessments, followed by introducing the appropriate learning solutions.

  • Click here to see a case study.

Performance Optimization Solutions:

We develop agile people and organizations by implementing an organization-wide neuro-agility strategy to ensure the sustainability of their workforce. Through our unique Neuro Agility and Emotional Intelligence assessments and learning solutions, we help organizations develop high-performing, agile employees, leaders, and teams by optimizing their brain fitness and mental flexibility.

  • Click here to learn more about Neuro Agility Profile® assessments.
  • Click here to learn more about our 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile® assessments

Leadership Development Solutions:

Neuro-Link’s High Achiever Program is a high-impact leadership development program that follows a neuroscience approach to developing emotionally intelligent, agile leaders. The program empowers leaders with intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. A brain-mind approach is followed where all skills and modules are grounded in neuroscience, using our NAP™ and 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile® assessments. It provides a world-class neuroscience-based emotional intelligence framework to develop neuro-agile leaders.

Developing High Performing, Agile Teams:

High-performing, agile teams, and team leaders are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” for developing agile organizations and securing organizational success. Teams naturally reach high performance in three to five years, but understanding how the brain works and aligning team development practices with neuroscience, literally fast-tracks teams into high-performing, agile teams in as little as six months.

  • Click here to see a case study.
  • Click here to learn more about the High Achiever program

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