A Neuro Agile Approach to Developing Athletes

Take your athletes to the next level

The only way that sports people can maintain their competitive advantage in a challenging and competitive world is if they can out-think out-learn and out-create their competition. This makes brain power their number one determiner for success in this millennium. Cognitive science identifies 8 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 brain-based perspectives on how 21st century people will prefer to utilize their brain for optimum performance. Our neurological wiring determines who we are and how we process information, learn, think and perform. Every sports person has to understand this about themselves in order to be accurately aware of their unique strengths. Neuro-Link has tools to assist sports people and coaches to understand their unique neurological design and the factors that can optimize their brain performance and mental alertness.

Neuro-Link has a collaborative agreement with the University of Pretoria in the field of neuroscience sports optimization for athletes. We follow a holistic approach towards bringing sports people into physical and mental balance in order to optimize their physical and mental performance. We assist athletes to optimize their brain performance by assessing the drivers that enhance their brain performance and how that impacts their unique neurological design. A scientific and unique benchmark of health and skill related fitness is followed in the program.

All athletes are exposed to visual skills optimization and brain integration techniques and activities that will increase their brain fitness as much as their physical fitness.

Don't take our word for it, hear what double Olympic medalist Penny Heyns has to say about it:

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