Tiaan Vermeulen

Neuroscientist & Managing Director of Neuro-Link

Tiaan Vermeulen is a neuroscientist, responsible for the research and product development of Neuro Agility Profile® assessments and learning solutions.  As a neuroscientist, he ensures the scientific integrity of Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions. He is also responsible for the scientific grounding of all Neuro Agility-related training and certification of Neuro Agility Practitioners and Master Trainers.

Tiaan also serves as the Managing Director of Neuro-Link. He oversees Operations, Business Support, and Product Development.  

As a world-class presenter, he frequently speaks on respected platforms like the University of Pretoria Neuroscience Conference, ICF, and ATD ICE. 

Tiaan is a certified University of Pretoria neuro-coach and advanced visual skills trainer. As a neuroscientist and scholar at the University of Pretoria, Tiaan has completed his Master’s degree (cum laude) in a neuro-anatomy research project on the relationship between the corpus callosum and various mental illnesses. He has published leading articles on neuroscience-related topics like neuroplasticity.