Business Development for Entrepreneurial People Development Professionals

We offer business opportunities for coaches, consultants, assessment companies, and people development companies to train, market, distribute and sell NAP™ assessments and learning solutions to generate a new revenue stream. They are licensed as business partners who create a lucrative business hub, by recruiting clients, business partners, and practitioners.

By becoming a Business Partner, it enables you to:

  • Add a well-recognized brand to your business portfolio
  • Add a recurring revenue stream to your business
  • Expand your revenue potential
  • Develop new clients and have a reason to visit past clients
  • Diversify your product and service lines
  • Offer meaningful and unique learning solutions to your clients
  • Offer added value and insights to your clients
  • Purchase large volumes of NAP™ assessments and learning solutions at highly discounted prices
  • Re-sell NAP™ assessments and learning solutions
  • Create a Neuro Agility Community of people development professionals who are passionate about people development
  • Offer NAP™ practitioners training
  • License new business partners
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