Research Studies

Neuro Agility has been included as a postgraduate module for Neurophysiology and Sports Honours students at the University of Pretoria. These students use the NAP™ as one of the tools they use in their research studies. This results in NAP™ assessments continuously being used in empirical research studies of Honors, Master’s, and Ph.D. students for various purposes. Below are some examples of research studies that have been done.

Research Study: 3rd-Year University Students
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Research Study: Netball Sports Team
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Research Study: SA RUGBY Referees
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Research Study: Effect of heart rate variability coherence breathing and cognitive skills training on Neuro-Agility
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Various NAP™ Assessments for Various Age Groups

NAP™ Advanced+
for adults
NAP™ Student Performer
for students studying further
NAP™ Toolbox
for children
12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™
for adults