Neuro Agility Profile® Assessments

"You can’t improve what you can’t measure"

Neuro-Link is the owner of all Neuro Agility Profile® trademarks , copyrights and patents as well as the sole provider of all the various Neuro Agility Profile® assessments for adults, students and children. These assessments measure how neuro agile people are and how to improve their brain’s performance and mental flexibility. It has been registered and trademarked as a Neuro Agility Profile®  and is abbreviated as NAP™. The NAP™ assessments are the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessments of its kind to measure the brain-mind elements that impact the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information. 

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NAP™ Assessments

Developing Neuro Agility is the most fundamental point of departure in improving performance and developing talent. As much as an athlete has to practice to become fit and flexible to perform at an optimum level, as much you need to develop brain fitness and mental flexibility to have a fast, flexible, and focused mind that can learn, think and solve problems quickly and easily. To follow a validated performance improvement process, we measure the brain-mind elements that impact people’s overall brain fitness and mental flexibility and re-measure after performance improvement solutions were introduced. NAP™ assessments should be essential tools in any organization or people development professional’s toolbox to develop others.

Scientific Grounding

Developed by Dr. André Vermeulen, in conjunction with neurophysiologists and neuroscientists, the NAP™ is grounded in published and peer-reviewed research. NAP™ assessments correlate with existing measures of other assessments in the expected directions. Theoretical expectations in terms of strength and direction of correlations were confirmed. Validity arguments/hypotheses for the NAP™ assessment findings were accepted and found to be true. NAP™ assessments are found to be highly reliable. A detailed report are available to NAP™ practitioners.

The Neuro Agility Framework consist of 6 drivers that optimize your brain performance and 7 brain-mind elements of your neurological design that will maximize the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. This self-assessment reliably determines how the elements of Neuro Agility are cultivated in any given individual, team or group. Based on these results, the NAP™ then provides actionable recommendations and solutions to increase your brain performance and cognitive flexibility.

What is a NAP™ Assessment?

A NAP™ assessment helps you develop a fast, focused, and flexible brain!

The purpose of NAP™ assessments are to identify and optimize the brain-mind elements that impact the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn, and process information, and ultimately enable you to improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility.

What is a NAP™?

A brain-mind assessment to develop a fast, flexible & focused mind!

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General features of NAP™ assessments

What is included with a NAP™ assessment?

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What does the NAP™ measure?

NAP™ assessments measure brain-mind elements that improve your overall brain fitness and mental flexibility

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Benefits of NAP™ assessments

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Discover Your Neuro Agility Profile®

There are different NAP™ assessments for adults, students, and children. It is a powerful starting point for anyone who wants to improve their brain performance, identify and develop their talent, and reduce their potential risk for human errors and mistakes. It also assists them in accurately understanding their unique potential. Subsequently it offers suggestions to optimize their brain health, overall brain fitness and improve their cognitive flexibility. 

NAP™ assessments provide a holistic picture of your brain performance and potential. With a specific focus on cultivating high-performance and mental agility, it recommends solutions and behaviors that are proven to increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. It is a rigorously tested and validated self-assessment that gives you a personalized profile of the areas in which you can optimize your brain performance and neuro-flexibility.

Various NAP™ Assessments