Neuro Agility in Business

In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, can you afford not to gain the competitive edge available to you through Neuro Agility?

Using Neuro Agility in Business

Why is Neuro Agility relevant to business?

Disruptive change has created a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. It is redefining what the current and future global landscape looks like and the skills needed to thrive in that world. The age of disruption calls for companies to recruit and develop talent that will be agile and competent enough to adapt to new changes fast and easily. Agile people have the change agility to adapt to disruptive change fast and easy, have the mental flexibility to move across various ideas or new understandings swiftly, and alternate between the full range of opposite modes of thinking and learning, depending on what mode is required to deal effectively with complex problems, or stressful situations. This is what Neuro Agility is all about. To stay relevant, successful, and employable in a disruptive world, and be the differentiating factor in your own life, team, or organization, optimizing the mind-brain elements that increase your brain fitness and mental flexibility, is the starting point. People with neuro agile skills are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” to developing agile organizations and organizational success. Developing neuro-agile people who have the brain health, mental flexibility, and brain fitness to prosper in the age of disruption, has become a major focus area for any progressive person or organization.

Why is Neuro Agility useful in business?

The business benefits of Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions are there to reap: happier, better-performing individuals and teams, increased staff retention, reduced stress in the workplace, fewer mistakes and accidents, and improved returns on investments (ROI) in learning and development.

Why agility pays off:

Agile organizations:
  • Are 32 % more likely to be first to market.
  • Have 37 % greater employee productivity.
  • Have 34 % better response to customer needs.
  • Have 26 % greater delivery of quality products.
  • Have 58 % better skills to meet future demand.
  • Are 17 % more likely to be market share leaders.

Workplace Consulting

Neuro-Link is a workplace learning and performance optimization consultancy. Neuro Agility is our specific field of expertise. Developing high-performing, neuro-agile people, leaders, teams, and organizations is what we do. We equip employees with the most desired human skill sets for the workplace of today and the future. Our consultants use Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP)  assessments and brain-mind learning solutions to assist businesses, educational institutions, sports organizations, and people development professionals in selecting the right people, identifying and developing their talent, increasing performance, and reducing risk for errors.

People development professionals in the fields of talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, workplace engagement as well as health and safety use our unique Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions to:

  • Develop high-performing, agile people, leaders, and teams
  • Improve brain fitness
  • Optimize people’s mental flexibility
  • Identify people’s unique potential
  • Improve  performance
  • Optimize brain health and wellness
  • Accelerate learning
  • Develop talent
  • Improve workplace happiness
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Identify and minimize risk for human errors and mistakes
  • Create cultures of learning

Who in your business is it for?

The wide scope of Neuro Agility enables all people organization-wide in businesses to benefit from the solutions it offers, but the people who use Neuro Agility in businesses to drive business results mostly, are:

  • Executive leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
HR professionals like:
  • L & D professionals
  • Talent selection professionals
  • Talent development professionals
  • Internal coaches
  • Internal industrial psychologists
  • Wellness practitioners
  • Employees organization-wide
  • Organizational culture professionals
Health & Safety professionals

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