NAP™ Advanced+ for Adults

The NAP™ Advanced+ measures 13 brain-mind elements that influence the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you learn, think, and process information

The Purpose of the NAP™ Advanced+ is to:

  • Improve your performance
  • Identify and understand your unique potential (your neuro-design)
  • Align who you are (your neuro-design) with what you do (your job functions)
  • Optimize the drivers that impact your brain performance
  • Improve your brain health
  • Accelerate learning and thinking
  • Develop your talent
  • Reduce your risk for mistakes and human error
  • Increase brain fitness and mental flexibility
  • Develop high-performing, agile individuals, leaders and teams
  • Develop a fast, focused, and flexible mind
  • Develop accurate awareness about your neuro-design
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What is the NAP™ Advanced+ used for?

  • Mental agility improvement
  • Brain fitness optimization
  • Talent selection
  • Talent development
  • Reduce risk for mistakes and human error
  • Improve brain health and wellness
  • Accelerate learning and thinking
  • Develop high-performing, agile individuals and teams

Elements Evaluated in the NAP™ Advanced+

7 Brain-Mind Elements of Your Neurological Design:

  • Relative / functional lateral preferences
  • Expressive – receptive preferences
  • Figurative thinking and learning languages – brain quadrants
  • Rational – emotional preferences
  • Brain and sensory information processing style
  • Multiple intelligence preferences
  • Sensory learning preferences
  • Neuro-design flexibility dashboard
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  • 180 easy online questions (30-45 minutes to complete)
  • 29-page online report illustrating 13 elements of neuro-agility and offering suggestions to optimize your neuro-agility
  • Automated debriefing video
  • Post-evaluation 6-12 months later
  • Group report if needed
  • Translated into various languages
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6 Drivers that Optimize Brain Performance:

  • Brain agility
  • Stress coping skills
  • Sleep
  • Movement/exercise
  • Mindset/attitude
  • Brain food
  • Overall brain fitness dashboard
  • Neuro-agility dashboard

Benefits for Adults

  • Understand your amazing neurological design
  • Accurate awareness of your unique potential
  • Understand how you are talented/smart
  • Align your neuro-design with your job functions and career choices
  • Increase your mental flexibility
  • Agile thinking and learning
  • Optimize your overall brain fitness
  • Strengthen your brain health
  • Accelerate brain power skills like complex problem solving and critical – creative thinking
  • Cope with stress and fatigue more effectively
  • Better work/life balance
  • Reduce your risk for human error
  • Better learning results
  • Improve your confidence
  • Enhance social awareness
  • Understand different roles of team members
  • Optimize team agility
  • Improve emotional intelligence and agility