Neuro-Agility Profile™ Student Performer Brain Profile Assessment for Students


 What would it mean if you could increase your employability, success and competitiveness?

What if you had more free time available every day?

How valuable would it be, if you had the skills to improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility, that would enable you to learn, think and process information easier, faster, obtain better results, reduce your risk for error and increase your brain performance and brain health? 

The NAP™ Student Performer is your solution! This brain profile assessment is for adult students between the ages 16-24, who are studying further. It is used to measure the neurophysiological elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. This neuroscience innovation measures the drivers that optimize your brain performance and it’s impact on your neurological design. It also offers recommendations and solutions to optimize your neuro-agility. The Student Performer is used word-wide in schools, universities and colleges to help students improve their brain fitness, concentration, memory, study skills and reduce their risk for error, ultimately enabling them to learn easier , accelerate their learning and obtain better results. The NAP™ Student Performer is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional, non-invasive, brain profile assessment of its kind for students.

Let us help you develop yourself and future proof your career!

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The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Student Performer, abbreviated as the NAP™ Student Performer is a brain profile assessment for high school, college, or university students ages 16-24, who are still studying further. It provides you with feedback on 13 brain-based elements of neuro-agility that will determine the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you learn, think, and process information. This assessment measures 7 neuro-physiological elements of your neurological design and 6 drivers that optimize your brain performance. This brain profile is a practical instrument to discover how uniquely you process information, which learning and thinking strengths and preferences you have, and also indicates areas you can develop further.

The NAP™ Student Performer is Neuro-Link’s flagship assessment for students, as it contains all the elements necessary to have an in-depth understanding of your neuro-design (potential) and the factors that impact your brain performance (brain fitness) when studying. You will receive a 32-page report filled with life-changing suggestions about how you can improve your performance and develop yourself further, a summary of the 13 neuro-agility elements, an automated debriefing video, and a free post-evaluation.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. If you want to learn easier, faster, smarter, and obtain better learning results, doing this assessment is your starting point! Understanding your amazing neurological design (how you prefer learning and thinking) and aligning that to your subject and career choices will help you be a more fulfilled, effective, happy, and successful learner.

Be smart. Invest in the greatest asset you will ever have – YOUR BRAIN!!!

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