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Welcome to the Whole Brain Learning Course!

Congratulations on investing in one of the most important skills you will need for life, if you want to thrive and not just survive – Life Long Learning!!!!

By participating in the Whole Brain Learning Course, you are taking an important step towards accelerating your learning abilities and improve your learning results.


We live in a disruptive world where all people who want to thrive and progress, need the skills and mental flexibility to adapt and adjust to new changes and new technology all the time. You need to learn skills to know how to reduce masses of data to information that is important and filter this information into smaller chunks of information that is necessary. The reality is that people are now reading less and slower. On average, people only retain full concentration for 20 minutes at a time. In general, people forget up to 90% of what they learn within one week. The reality is that people in general are relying on devices like calculators to do their calculations,  GPS devices to take them where they want to go and devices to help them remember, but are not sufficiently relying on their brain’s natural ability to think, learn and remember, which is actually their competitive advantage.

The argument is not that you should not use devices and technology, as they are powerful tools to accelerate what you do. You should however, not stop using and optimizing your brain’s ability to flex mental muscle, if you want to be competitive as a human being and stay in control of technology and artificial intelligence. What gives you a competitive advantage above artificial intelligence and technology, is the fact that your brain has the potential to naturally perform cognitive processes like making predictions and forecasts  about future situations, creating new solutions, performing counterfactual thinking (the ability to imagine what can be and identify alternative outcomes), recognizing complex patterns, experiment and reflect, learn, create and solve problems in sophisticated ways like nothing else in the universe. Learning the appropriate brain power skills to help us progress and thrive will be essential to our future success, employability, competitiveness and continually progressing as human beings.

The only way that you will maintain a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing, information soaked, and turbulent world, is to be able to out-think, out-learn and out-create any competition. Brain power is your competitive advantage. You have the potential to out-think, out-learn and out-create, but potential plus nothing equals nothing. Potential plus appropriate skills equals competence. Learning is the DNA of the mind. By gaining deep insight into how your brain functions in support of learning, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and decision making, you can better prepare to adapt to, and prepare for a continually changing world.

Ultimately your brain’s main purpose is to help you survive. On a physical level, it is about regulating bodily functions. On a mental level, it is about your ability to adapt, survive and thrive in a continuously changing world. Your learning ability to adapt, adjust, learn new information with ease and speed, and unlearn old behavior faster than your competition, will be crucial to your survival and progress in an era of disruptive change.

To cope with the current reality of information expansion, readers should be reading at speeds above a 1000 words per minute with 85% comprehension. These readers, at best, only comprise 1 % of the first world population. To do this, requires the whole brain to function at optimum level, being ready to receive and transmit sensory stimuli and be open and responsive to ideas, impressions, and concepts, all at the same time. It will require advanced visual processing skills and the ability to reduce masses of information to meaningful data, concentration skills and memory skills. Lack of these learning skills, will make you less attractive as a job applicant and may prevent you from being employable and competitive, losing your job to robots and artificial intelligence.

You are not born with skills. You develop it. Fact is that few learning institutions like schools, colleges and universities provide the necessary skills that will ensure their learners are sufficiently equipped with relevant “brain power” skills to not only survive, but also thrive in the job market of the future.

At Neuro-Link we believe: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. The reason for completing your Neuro-Agility Profile (NAP™) brain profile assessment is to accurately understand how uniquely you prefer to learn, think and solve problems and identify areas in which you can improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility. Your brain profile should serve as the starting point in this exciting learning journey to create a plan of action to improve your performance and develop yourself further.

Purpose of your NAP™ brain profile assessment

  • Create a plan of action to improve performance and develop yourself further
  • Understand your neuro-design (potential)
  • Align who you are with the subject and career choices you make
  • Identify how you are uniquely talented
  • Optimize the drivers that impact your brain fitness, mental flexibility & brain health
  • Accelerate learning, thinking, creativity, problem solving and decision making
  • Reduce risk for human error
  • Increase your neuro-agility


After completion of this program, you will be able to

  • Learn faster and easier
  • Identify potential neurological or learning hindrances you may experience
  • Apply brain fitness skills to minimize potential neurological hindrances
  • Reduce your potential risk for error more effectively
  • Understand your neurological design and learning potential
  • Enhance your brain health and performance
  • Increase your brain fitness
  • Experience more ease and speed with learning and thinking
  • More accurately align who you are with the subject or career choices you make
  • Improve your learning results
  • Concentrate more effectively
  • Reduce volumes of information more effectively
  • Take more effective notes
  • Memorize information more effectively
  • Cope with learning stress

Enjoy this exciting journey of becoming more of who you could be!

André Vermeulen



Please Note:

Neuro-Link is committed to inclusivity. Nothing in this course is intended to offend any person’s affiliation to race, gender, religion and culture. We deeply respect all people, regardless of their race, gender, beliefs, religion and culture.


The information provided in the NAP™ brain profile assessment and this course is based solely on data developed from Neuro-Link over more than 25 years. It should be interpreted in light of information that is currently available and should never be used as the sole basis upon which to make development or promotion decisions. To make informed decisions about others, Neuro-Link advises you to use the information from this course in conjunction with knowledge from other sciences and instruments.