High Achiever – Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Development Program (27 hours)

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Welcome to the High Achiever – Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Development Program! You will be joining a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about the development of people.

At Neuro-Link we believe that people have unlimited potential in terms of what they learn, think and create. By doing this training you will be able to help yourself build a powerful skill set to out-think, out-learn and out-create any challenge you may encounter.

Neuro-Link’s High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Development Program will provide you with a powerful framework to develop your emotional intelligence, vital for 21st-century people who want to be successful, effective and happy. This framework is applicable to workers, managers, leaders, parents and anyone who wants to improve their performance while maintaining strong and healthy relationships with others.

Here are some interesting findings about emotional intelligence:

  • Emotional intelligence was the strongest predictor of performance alongside 33 other important workplace skills that were tested, explaining a minimum of 58% of success in all types of jobs.
  • 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence (EI).
  • People with a high degree of emotional intelligence make an average of $29 000 more per year than people with a low degree of EI – in fact, every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1 300 to an annual salary. No job has been found yet in which performance and salary aren’t tied closely to emotional intelligence.

Five of the top ten most desired skills for people to prosper in the job market of the future, as identified by the World Economic Forum, can be categorized as Emotional Intelligence skills and the other five as brain power skills. These skills all form part of the High Achiever Program. This is an EI program with a difference. Each module has a neuroscience point of departure. That is why the Neuro Agility Profile™ Advanced+ is applicable to each module as well as the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™.

The modules that you will do in Neuro-Link’s Emotional Intelligence  Program, will strengthen your emotional intelligence competence and contribute to:

  • Improving your brain performance – process information easier and faster
  • Increasing your neuro-agility
  • Clarifying your life purpose
  • Promoting happiness
  • Enhancing your mental and brain health
  • Improving your personal impact in society and the workplace
  • Strengthening your interpersonal competence (social skills)
  • Increasing self and social awareness
  • Improving your self-management competence
  • Improving your ability to synergize in a team
  • Increasing your leadership impact
  • Accelerating your thinking and learning
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Being more empathetic
  • Being more service oriented
  • Enhancing team effectiveness
  • Coping ore effectively with stress, managing fatigue & maintaining wellness
  • Becoming more of who you can be!

Neuro-Link’s Emotional Intelligence program consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Emotional Intelligence – Developing Accurate Self-Awareness through the NAP™ Advanced+ Brain Profile as well as the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ as a point of departure for developing Emotional Intelligence.
  • Module 2: Formulate Purpose
  • Module 3: Mind Power
  • Module 4: Coping with Change, Managing Stress & Maintaining Mental Wellness
  • Module 5: Coping Skills
  • Module 6: Social Awareness
  • Module 7: Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Module 8: Social Cohesion & Team Functioning
  • Module 9: Leadership
  • Final Assignment

Enjoy this exciting journey of becoming more of who you can be!

Dr André Vermeulen

CEO, Neuro-Link

  • Watch this video as an instructional video about the EI journey ahead:

Certification Requirements:

In order to become a certified practitioner, the following actions have to be executed:

1. Complete your 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ questionnaire.
2. Course work:
• Familiarize yourself with all materials (videos, manuals, PowerPoint etc.)
• Watch all videos in sequence.
• Complete each multiple choice questionnaire. In order to proceed to the next module, you need to score 80% or more.
• Read the Business Fundamentals and Marketing manuals.
3. Sign your agreement and submit to info@neurolink.company.
4. Complete your theoretical assignment within one week of completion of practitioner training. The minimum requirement is an 80% pass rate in order to be certified. Should you not achieve 80%, Neuro-Link will provide you with the memorandum of the correct answers. Please familiarize yourself with the correct answers and resubmit your theoretical assignment.
5. Complete 4 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile assessments within two weeks of completing your practitioner training and submit assessments.

When all of the above is completed and all the required agreements and assignments have been received (and are in good standing), you will receive a certificate as a Certified Neuro-Link Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Please Note: 

Neuro-Link is committed to inclusivity. Nothing in this course is intended to offend any person’s affiliation to race, gender, religion and culture. We deeply respect all people regardless of their race, gender, religion and culture.


The information provided in this course and assessments is based on research from world-class institutions and authorities and data developed from Neuro-Link over more than 25 years. It should be interpreted in light of information that is currently available and should never be used as the sole basis upon which to make development or promotion decisions. To make informed decisions about others, Neuro-Link advises you to use the information from this course in conjunction with knowledge from other sciences and instruments.