5.3 Relational Support and More Coping Skills

  • Refer to page 25 up to the end in your Coping Skills manual.
  • This section discusses the importance of relationships as strong support systems, nature‚Äôs imagery, music, touch, lighting and spirituality, as mechanisms to proactively cope with stress and maintain wellness.
  • Total video duration time: 43 minutes

Part 1: Relationships & Support

  • Golden Rule: Strong support = good relationships. Developing and maintaining strong relationships is your responsibility.
  • On which level do you need more support?
  • What is your plan of action to develop more support?


Part 2: Humor, Music, Touch, Lighting & Spirituality

  • Golden Rule: Music is a mood inducer.
  • How will you use music to help you cope with life’s adversities better?
  • Golden Rule: The purpose of laughter is to relieve stress. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more! Laughter is medicine for the mind.
  • What can you do to incorporate more fun, joy and laughter into your lifestyle?
  • Which spiritual practices can you implement into your lifestyle to improve the quality of your life?