5.2 Agile Mindsets to Cope with Disruptive Change

  • Refer to the drivers that optimize your brain performance and specifically page 25 on your Advanced+ brain profile.
  • See pages 13 – 25 in your Coping Skills manual.
  • This section discusses how one’s mindset influences how a person perceives change and how an optimistic mindset is an ideal mindset to cope with change and maintain wellness.
  • Total video duration time: 46 minutes.

Part 1: Mindsets To Cope With Change

  • Golden Rule: A positive mind produces a positive life. An optimistic mindset is required for being happy and well, especially during tough times.
  • How does your mindset influence how you view your world and cope with life’s challenges and turbulence?

Part 2: Self-Assessment

  • List the changes you need to cope with.
  • Which characteristics do I need to develop further to cope more effectively with change?
  • What is my plan of action to optimize these characteristics?