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Purpose-Driven Company

Neuro-Link offers cutting edge neuroscience assessments and applied neuroscience learning solutions to businesses, educational institutions, sports organizations and individuals. We are workplace learning specialists empowering companies and people with skills to out-think, out-learn, out-create and out-perform their competition. Neuro-Link assists professionals in talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, engagement and work place happiness to:

  • Identify people’s learning potential
  • Create a learning culture
  • Increase performance
  • Accelerate learning
  • Develop values-driven leadership
  • Maintain wellness
  • Develop talent
  • Improve workplace happiness
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Identify and minimize risk for human error

Our Vision

Neuro-Link is the go-to authority in the global marketplace on the neuroscience of learning, assisting people and organizations to optimize their performance.

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Our Core Purpose

We develop people.

Our Core Values

People • Truth • Excellence

Our Value Propositon

We move performance forward.

Purpose-Driven Team
Dr. Andre Vermeulen - Key note speaker

Dr. André Vermeulen

Dr. André Vermeulen is a founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy utilizing applied neuroscience to develop talent, increase performance and maintain wellness. He is a workplace learning specialist who offers cutting edge brain profile assessments and learning solutions to organizations and people to move performance forward.  André is a business innovator who has developed and patented various neuroscience assessments and applied neuroscience learning solutions for thousands of adults, and children used in education, business and sports across the globe. He has published more than 33 leading articles on the development implications of the brain and mental health.

As an international keynote speaker, André has contributed on numerous prestigious platforms like TEDx Johannesburg and ATD ICE. He is a regular guest on many radio and television talk shows around the globe and hosts his own television program called “Breinkrag”.

Nadine Vermeulen

Nadine Vermeulen is the co-founder and Managing Director of Neuro-Link. Her life purpose is to prepare people for their purpose. She is also an educator, learning specialist and Neuro-Link coach with a passion to ignite the potential of people by mentoring and coaching people to heal, improve their brain performance and be the best they can be.

Her entrepreneurial skills, business savvy and management skills were developed as owner and principal of two private schools. Her contribution towards society includes being a mother of four children, managing a company that adds value to people’s lives and imparting into other people’s lives in profound ways.

Edith Tiencken

Edith Tiencken provides insights, innovative strategies, and tools for business growth to Senior Leaders, Business Owners, and Consultants.  Her experience of over 25 years along with her passion for exploring and developing both people and business potential, facing business challenges has driven progressive success in facilitating positive cultural change, Organizational Learning, and in building high-performance Organizations.   Along with her collaborative approach she enables organization’s leaders to develop personalized targeted strategies and focused execution, capitalizing on their unique differentiators.

Christiaan Vermeulen

Christiaan Vermeulen is the business support and product development manager of Neuro-Link. He is responsible for research and product development of Neuro-Link’s specialized field, assessments and learning solutions. Christiaan has published leading articles on the neuroscience of learning and frequently presents on respected platforms like the University of Pretoria Neuroscience Conference and ATD ICE Conference. He is also a certified neuro-coach. As a neurophysiologist and scholar of the University of Pretoria, Christiaan is currently working on his Masters degree research project on the relationship between the corpus calossum and illnesses.


André Vermeulen Jnr

André Vermeulen Jnr is responsible for business development and marketing. As a business development consultant for Neuro-Link, his aim is to move performance forward, improving company’s top and bottom line by developing their talent through Neuro-Link’s applied neuroscience assessments and cutting edge learning solutions. André is also a certified neuro-coach.


Specialized Field

Neuro-Link specializes in the neuroscience of learning. This field consist of scientific research focusing on how the brain learns, thinks and functions. It provides evidence and solutions about how cognitive functions of the brain can be developed and optimized. It grew mostly from a people development technology called brain-based learning and development. The neuroscience of learning provides sufficient evidence that validates learning as one of the essential ingredients for improving the performance of the workforce and impacting bottom line. All our assessments are grounded in neuroscience. Neuro-Link assist people and organizations with anchoring their people development practices in applied neuroscience.

Why Neuroscience of Learning?
  • The neuroscience of learning validates the behavioral sciences
  • It is an inclusive people development technology. A brain has no color, race, age, culture, language or gender and therefore focuses on what people have in common with each other – a brain!
  • It is the most scientific, comprehensive and accurate framework for learning and development yet, helping business separate facts from fiction
  • Neuro-Link offers a predictive analyses and framework for talent development professionals that deepens their understanding of people’s learning potential and how to optimize talent
  • Grounded in exact sciences like anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, physiology, neurophysiology, education etc.
  • It is based on the brain’s natural design for learning and how to develop people
  • It compliments any technical and people development science like Neurolinguistic Programing, Emotional Intelligence and other behavioral sciences like education and psychology.
  • It delivers powerful ROI and performance improvement results
  • It has a strong physiological base
Neuroscience of Learning Fundamentals

There are certain fundamental premises of the neuroscience of learning that are essential for talent development professionals and learning facilitators to understand its implications and applications to organizational learning. Learners, facilitators and practitioners engaged in the field of learning, who are responsible to prepare children, students and workers for selecting and developing the skills necessary to prosper in the new landscape predicted for 2020, will be well-served to have a clearer understanding of issues such as:

• The bio-chemistry of learning and thinking
• The neuroscience of the learning cycle
• How neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility is at the core of learning and behavior change
• How the brain works and processes information
• Learning implications of different brain areas
• How to identify and improve drivers that optimize brain performance
• The concept of neurological dominance, it’s relationship between brain hemisphere and sensory dominance and its impact on performance and safety
• How to determine people’s unique neuro-design and learning potential
• Aligning workers’ neuro-design and learning preferences with their job functions to increase their joy, energy, sense of purpose, engagement, performance, happiness and flow
• How to prepare and activate the brain for learning, thinking and creativity
• Brain fitness skills and exercises to flex mental muscle
• Accommodating social and emotional learning in the workplace
• Advanced visual skills for 21st century workers who have to processes volumes of information
• How to develop complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence skills for future workers
• Aligning workplace learning practices with memory and attention spans
• Creating brain friendly working and learning environments

Therefore, anyone responsible for the learning and development of another should strengthen their understanding of the neuroscience of learning and apply this evidence-based knowledge to their practice of human capital development. The goal would be for them to incorporate these fundamental principles into their learning design and test it through the applications of their new neuro-aligned learning interventions and determine its impact on behavior change and performance improvement.

FAQs About Neuro-Link

Neuro-Link develops people. We drive performance forward by utilizing the neuroscience of learning.

Our core purpose is to “Develop People.”

It is our passion to help people become the best they can be.

  • An inclusive neuroscience approach to performance optimization and talent development for more than 25 years in the international arena. Our specialized field of workplace learning is grounded in the neuroscience of learning.
  • Unique neuroscience assessments and learning solutions that help our clients move performance forward. These assessments and solutions can only be obtained from Neuro-Link. We don’t pour a neuroscience sauce over what we do. Our assessments and learning solutions have grown from neuroscience.
  • Proven track record of delivering profound results that help our clients get good returns on their investment in optimizing performance that drive business results…….. and we have the results to prove it!
  • Neuro-Link provides a world class blueprint for people development and performance optimization
  • Corporate A – list
  • Stature, credibility and integrity
  • Alliances with world-class research universities providing Neuro-Link with access to the latest neuroscience research and technologies

We help our clients solve performance and people issues by assisting them with learning solutions to:

  • Improve company culture
  • Improve productivity and bottom-line results
  • Accelerate the learning potential of the work-force
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Develop leadership competence
  • Develop people’s potential
  • Reduce risk for human error
  • Optimize performance
  • Promote happiness
  • Promote brain health & wellness

The world class people development framework we offer, empowers people with personal and social skills, to enhance the impact that they have in all spheres of life and create team effectiveness.