I am writing this letter to recommend Neuro-link for leadership training. Savino Del Bene management team has been trained in leadership by Neuro-link for the last two years with Dr André Vermeulen and his team.

An organization with strong leadership can out-create, out-think and out-learn the competition. In addition to managerial skills, managers need to be equipped with skills to lead and to influence their staff. Therefore, it was critical for us to identify potential leaders and he current leadership to undergo the Neuro-Link Leadership Skills training. The purpose of the training was to assist them to enhance their thinking, strengthen their ability to influence others, manage themselves more effectively and assist others to successfully cope with change.

We experience the impact that the training has on these potential leaders in our work environment every day. There has been a shift in the mindset of managers in term of their attitudes and behaviours towards co-workers and subordinates. They have become more self-aware of themselves and as well as being aware of the way they interact with others. As managers they started to understand the complexities in humans better and started becoming better leaders. As a result, the training has enhanced productivity in the workplace and subsequently profits.

Personally, the training I received made me to realize and understand that everyone is wired differently in a unique way. It has assisted me to live a purpose driven life. Being aware of who I am, has helped me to be able to connect and interact with others in a more meaningful way.

Now I understand that change is inevitable and in order to survive, remain competitive and sustainable in this dynamic global village, one needs to accommodate change situations. Being aware of, involved in and the need for change helps me to embrace change. I am able to deal with stress in a more effective way. I choose to be a victor rather than to be a victim. The bottom-line is to understand myself and know how my actions can influence people around me.

Dr. Andre Vermeulen and his team quickly gained the trust and respect of our executive and management team. They made a positive difference in their leadership style by introducing best leadership practices that helped take Savino del Bene to a higher level. Savino benefited from this training and organizational development tools and practices that translated in increased profits.

As a Director at Savino del Bene, I had the great pleasure of working with Andre Vermeulen. During this time he greatly impressed me with his leadership. Personally, I feel a great closeness to Andre simply because I know that I can trust him. His integrity is without blemish. Today, I consider him a great friend and someone I know I can rely on for excellent advice on tough situations.

To conclude, the learning I took with me from the training is that; as leader, I need to lead by example and I lead by serving others. Emotional intelligence is a necessity to have in order for one to take charge and create synergy. Leaders build up people rather than break them down.

Elvera Pitt
Director:  Human Resources
Savino Del Bene