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NeuroCoaching is one of the most effective ways you can improve your performance and achieve your business results. We do F2F NeuroCoaching sessions with individuals across the globe. If you want to improve your business results and achieve success, we have qualified coaches ready to assist you. Contact us today!

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Coaching is one of the best approaches to improve performance and develop yourself. Our NeuroCoaching is coaching with a profound difference. We follow a neuroscience approach to coaching.

The first differentiating factor of Neuro-Link’s unique NeuroCoaching process is that our coaches do an assessment of the coachee. We firmly believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.An assessment of the coachees’ neurodesign  is done with our LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment. It as our point of departure for initiating the coaching journey. The profile will provide the coach with insights and guidelines how to connect with the coachee and match his/her neurological design with that of the coachee. This brain profile assessment also clearly illustrates brain performance areas that should be improved. It helps the coach to determine and prioritize which drivers should be optimized and how.

Another differentiating factor is that a 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ of every coachee is done to determine their emotional intelligence skill set. Subsequently the coachee also gets access to 9 self-study  emotional intelligence modules that supports our NeuroCoaching journey.

Ideally, we recommend a coaching journey of 12 sessions – 1 per month. Depending on the leadership level of employee we work with, Neuro-Link’s coaching costs differ. The above cost can be seen as our point of departure, but if we do executive coaching with C level executives the  coaching costs will differ. NeuroCoaching sessions are done face-to-face, or Skype or Zoom.

Don’t postpone your personal development any longer. Be smart. Invest in yourself. Enroll in our NeuroCoaching journey today!


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