NAP™ Drivers That Optimize Brain Performance


The LRP™ Drivers that optimize brain performance is a very specific brain profile assessment for adults, managers and leaders. It provides them with feedback on the drivers that will impact their brain health, performance and mental wellness. With this brain profile it is highly recommended that you purchase TICK TOCK THIS MAKES YOUR BRAIN ROCK. It will provide you with many brain fitness skills.

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Do you want to optimize the drivers that impact your brain performance? Do you want to out-think, out-learn, out-create & out-perform your competition? Do you want to learn easier, faster and smarter?

5 of the 10 most desired skills for the work place of the future are brain power skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, cognitive flexibility and decision making. Obviously brain power will be your competitive advantage for the future. Learning which factors you need to optimize to increase your brain’s performance and learning those skills will be a vital investment for you to enhance your competitive advantage and employ-ability.

NAP™ Drivers brain profile assessment is a 9 page brain profile assessment that illustrates 6 factors that influence your brain performance. It provides suggestions on how to improve your brain performance and provides a dashboard of the drivers to summarize the person’s general state  of brain health and mental wellness. The sum total of the factors that optimize your brain’s performance will give you a general overview and how much you get out of your brain. You can see this as your overall brain fitness. This profile also has automated debriefing videos and a post evaluation after the initial assessment.

Dr. André Vermeulen has also written a book called TICK TOCK THIS MAKES YOUR BRAIN ROCK that consist of many brain fitness exercises. For you to get maximum benefit, it is highly recommended that you do the brain profile assessment and purchase the TICK TOCK book. You can Purchase Tick Tock directly from Amazon by clicking here.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. This profile is a must for any person who wants to optimize the factors that impact their brain performance and brain health.

Be smart. Invest in the greatest asset you will ever have – Your brain!

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