Neuro-Agility Profile™Advanced+ Brain Profile Assessment for Adults


Do you want to improve your brain performance, develop your talent and reduce your risk for human error?

The NAP™ Advanced+ for adults, is an assessment used to measure the neurophysiological elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. It is a neuroscience innovation that measures the drivers that optimize your brain performance and it’s impact on your neurological design and also offers recommendations and solutions to optimize your neuro-agility. The Advanced+ is used word-wide in schools, universities, colleges, businesses and sports organizations to optimize performance, develop talent, drive engagement and reduce risk for human error. This brain profile assessment is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional, assessment for adults in the world.

Let us help you develop yourself and future proof your career!

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The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Advanced+, abbreviated as the NAP™ Advanced+ is a brain profile assessment for adults, manager and leaders to provide them with feedback on 13 components of neuro-agility that will determine how fast, easy and flexible they may learn, think and process information. It illustrates 7 neurophysiological components of peoples neurological design and 6 drivers that influence their brain performance. This brain profile assessment is a practical instrument to identify peoples unique potential, how they are talented, how to improve their brain performance and how to reduce their risk for human error. It indicates areas for future development and therefore serves as a great personal development program.

The NAP™ Advanced+ is Neuro-Link’s flagship assessment, as it contains all the elements necessary to have an in-depth understanding of our design and the factors that impact brain performance. You will receive a 29 page report filled with life changing suggestions about how you can improve your neuro-agility, an automated debriefing and a post evaluation. This profile can be used organization wide as it serves as a point of departure in any performance optimization or talent development initiative.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. The NAP™ Advanced+ is a must for any person who wants to accurately understand their unique neurological design and optimize the drivers that impact their neuro-agility and brain health. This assessment will also improve your self-awareness and provide valuable information to help you improve your learning agility and learning ability, formulate your life purpose, increase self-confidence, manage yourself more effectively, understand yourself, understand others, reduce the risk for human error and communicate more effectively.

Be smart. Invest in the greatest asset you will ever have – Your brain! 

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