Ultimate Neuro-Agility: Advanced+ Brain Profile & Optimization Modules


Are you looking for cutting edge solutions to identify your potential, develop talent, increase engagement, improve performance & reduce risk for human error?

 Ultimate Neuro-Agility is an online brain performance optimization program. The objective of this program is to assess the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information and provide practical brain-based solutions to optimize your brain performance, promote mental wellness, increase engagement & reduce your potential risk for human error. It consist of doing Neuro-Link’s most comprehensive brain profile assessment, the NAP™ Advanced+ and 15 modules to optimize your brain performance.



5 of the 10 most desired skills for the work place of the future are brain power skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, cognitive flexibility and decision making. Being able to out-think, out-learn and out-create your competition will help you out-perform them.

Agility is a vital competence for individuals & organizations to future-proof themselves against disruptive change. Developing the brain-based factors that increases the ease, speed and flexibility with which you process information is a necessity for the future. This is called neuro-agility. Being neuro agile will provide you with the brain fitness and flexibility skills to learn, think and process information easy, quickly and unlearn old behavior patterns fast. Learning which drivers you need to optimize to increase your brain’s performance and neuro-flexibility, will be a vital investment for you to enhance your competitive advantage and employ-ability.

At Neuro-Link we believe: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. We start with optimizing your neuro-agility by doing a Neuro Agility Profile™ Advanced+ brain profile asessment which measures the elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information. It is a cutting-edge assessment to identify your neuro-design (potential) & optimize their brain health & performance. It will help you to optimize the ease, speed & flexibility with which you learn, think & process information. The sum total of the drivers that optimize your brain’s performance will provide you with an overview of your overall brain fitness. The 7 components of your neuro-design will illustrate your overall neuro-flexibility and whole brain balance. The profile addresses gaps in developing agile employees & leaders. It is the most comprehensive, accurate & reliable assessment of its kind.

Completing the following modules to improve factors that impact your brain health and performance are essential to becoming and staying neuro-agilie:

 Drivers that optimize brain performance:                 Your amazing neurological design:

  • Brain Fitness                                                             * Relative Lateral Dominance
  • Stress Coping Skills                                                  * Expressive – Receptive Preference
  • Sleep Strategies                                                        * 4 Quadrant Preferences
  • Movement & Exercise Strategies                              * Rational – Emotional Preferences
  • Attitude & Mindset                                                     * Information Processing Style
  • Brain Food                                                                 * Sensory Learning Preferences
  • Learning Skills                                                           * Intelligence Preferences
  • Brain Ergonomics

You will receive 20  hours of brain training. Between 3-6 months after having completed your online modules, you will receive a NAP™  post-evaluation to complete, in order to measure your progress.

Program includes:

  • Free NAP™ Advanced+ profile
  • Practical brain agility exercises
  • Group interaction
  • 2 days of live neuro-agility training on how to use the NAP™ report to improve brain performance & mental flexibility
  • Comprehensive neuro-agility manual
  • Post-evaluation of NAP™
  • Case studies
  • Certificate of attendance

Outcomes of the Neuro-Agility Program:

  • Solutions to improve your performance & brain health
  • Identify your unique potential
  • Reduce personal risk for human error
  • Increase engagement
  • Develop your talent
  • Increased personal neuro-flexibility
  • Improve happiness
  • Increase mental wellness
  • Accelerate learning & thinking

Outcomes for professionals in people development practices:

  • Equip yourself with key aspects of neuroscience to transform learning in your organization
  • Use the latest findings of neuroscience in your daily practice of L&D
  • Create a plan to optimize your training to maximize recall and enhance retention and memory.
  • Increase ROI with even better results for you, your learners and the organization

Dr. André Vermeulen has also written a book called TICK TOCK THIS MAKES YOUR BRAIN ROCK that consist of many brain fitness exercises. For you to get maximum benefit, it is highly recommended that you do the brain profile assessment and purchase the TICK TOCK book. You can Purchase Tick Tock directly from Amazon by clicking here.

The ULTIMATE NEURO-AGILITY PROGRAM is the ultimate  brain fitness and brain health program. You will receive a 29 page NAP™ Advanced+ report, an automated debriefing video, a post-evaluation and 20 hours of online brain training when you choose to enroll on this self-study program.

Be smart. Expand your competitive advantage. Optimize your brain power. Invest in the greatest asset you will ever have – YOUR BRAIN!


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