NAP™ Brain Profile Practitioner – Self-Study Program


Do you want to help others discover their unique potential and identify the factors that influence their brain performance?

Brain Profile Practitioner training is a unique self-study program to prospective practitioners who want to identify the learning potential and agility of others and improve their performance. This self-study Brain Profile Practitioner training program will enable them to become certified brain profile practitioners of one of the Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) assessments that Neuro-Link offers to adults, children and students. The NAP™ Brain Profile Practitioner program consists of videos, manuals, infographics, assessments and assignments. Once the assignments have successfully been completed and the prospective practitioner has passed with 80% or more, Neuro-Link will certify the practitioner as competent to compile and debrief our brain profile assessments.

NB: Please note that the above cost is to become a practitioner. It does not include the licensing fee, should you choose to become a Neuro-Link business partner.

Join people worldwide who use these assessments to drive results in talent management, workplace engagement, wellness, performance improvement, workplace happiness and reducing risk of human error.

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Neuro-Agility Practitioner Training is for coaches, educators, trainers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, consultants, HR practitioners and organizations who want use Neuro-Link’s Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) to optimize brain performance, select talent, develop talent, improve wellness and brain health, improve workplace engagement and reduce risk for human error. The NAP™ is the most comprehensive neuroscience assessment that exists, as it assesses all the primary factors that influence the ease, speed and flexibility with which people learn, think and process information.

Do you want to become a Neuro-Link Business Partner? Practitioners and organizations who have been trained and certified as Neuro Agility Profile™ practitioners, can also be licensed to utilize and sell the unique NAP™ in volumes to end users. Our brain profile practitioner training is grounded in neuroscience and equips our practitioners and business partners to accurately assess the ease, speed and flexibility with which people learn, think and process information. To read more click here.


  • Meet your amazing brain

  • Electro-chemical functioning of the brain

  • How the brain processes information

  • How behavior is formed – neuroplasticity

  • Drivers influencing brain performance


  • Learning implications of different brain areas

  • 4 brain states

  • Discovering your unique, amazing neurological design


  • Understanding the Neuro-Agility Profile

  • Defining neurological dominance and understanding brain and sensory dominance

  • Structure to interpret a NAP brain profile assessment

  • Practical interpretation of a NAP assessment


    • Preparing to compile a brain profile

    • Outline for doing a NAP brain profile assessment

    • How to compile a NAP assessment

    • How to do a NAP brain profile debriefing

    • Practical exam


    • Business fundamentals

    • Implications of your practitioners license

    • Ethical conduct

    • Theoretical exam


    • Sell Nap™ brain profiles

    • Debrief people on their NAP™ brain profile

    • Create a plan of action to improve brain performance

    • Sell the online Brain Booster program as the solution to areas that was identified for further development

    • Identify people’s neurological hindrances and minimize it

    • Understand neurological design & potential

    • Enhance brain performance

    • Accelerate learning