Brain-Fitness Accelerator Bundle




You are serious about making a change. To make life easier. To be the best YOU. To use everything you’ve got, use everything you ARE.

Why accept second best, struggling to be the best you?

You know there is more to you than just getting through the day. Then this is what you have been looking for.

The keys? Knowing yourself and increase your brain fitness.


That is why we created this BUNDLE. To get you brain-fit in the shortest amount of time, so you don’t waste time and money.

This is what we offer you:

  • The Advanced+ NAP Profile: Understanding yourself  – know how you function and why. And what the impact is on your life – the positive and the negative.
    • 29-page document
    • Your design explained and the impact it has on your experience of life
    • Your drivers and how you can improve these to increase your Neuro-Agility.
  • A 21 day Brain fitness Booster Challenge – the quickest way to “use more of you” is to increase your brain fitness. This means you will manage stress better, but best of all, use your brain and your design to its fullest.
  • EBook: A 50-page book explaining the basics of how your brain works, with practical tips and exercises. Written by Andre Vermeulen, CEO of Neuro-link.


But remember: USE IT, OR LOSE IT. You have to continually practise to increase be brain fit. It is similar to a muscle.