Image of a man in a suit with a smile on his face with a 3D hologram of a brain above his head

This is the Millennium of the Mind and the Century of the Brain. Brain power is your no.1 determiner for success. If you want to be a cutting edge 21st Century person who is at the forefront of change and want to optimize your performance to out-think, out-learn, and out-create your competition, this workshop and video is a must!


A high impact, workshop for all people to understand their neurological wiring and how to utilize their full potential. This workshop is loaded with powerful brain-based tips, tools and techniques that will increase a person’s performance.  It emphasizes 7 brain basics required to work faster, smarter, prosper and experience success in a rapidly changing world.

MIND POWER is a must for any person who is interested in developing themselves, and increasing their performance! It was received with accolades by the international community at the 2002 ASTD – International Conference and Exposition and is presented internationally, but can also be presented as a webinar. A condensed version of this workshop is also available on video.

People are born with different innate social and emotional capacities, but this EI program can nurture the development of people’s emotional skills – skills that will help them succeed in business and in life. Skills that will last a lifetime!

Module 1: Understanding how people learn
  • Understanding how people learn
  • Electro-chemical functioning of the brain
  • Neurological stress and its effect on the brain
  • Brain ergonomics
  • How am I unique – discovering my brain profiles and learning styles
Module 2: Drivers Optimizing Brain Performance
  • Preparing the neurological system for increased mental performance
  • Switching on the neurological system for increased mental performance
  • Enhancing brain fitness through brain integration techniques and activities
  • Optimizing brain performance through the following drivers – diet, breathing, sounds, relaxation and exercise.
  • Mental integration
  • Mindpower action plan
Learning Outcomes

On completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Increase their mental performance
  • Understand neurological stress and the impact on the brain
  • Learn skills to optimize brain fitness
  • Accurately understand their learning and thinking styles
  • Gain insight into the uniqueness of others
  • Utilize 7 lifestyle principals for whole brain functioning
  • Understanding your unique brain profile
  • Understanding how the brain works
  • 7 Brain basic principles
  • Brain fitness