Dr. Andre Vermeulen & Penny Heyns present this popular, high impact, motivational session to the public as well as in-house workshops for companies. Make a booking today to motivate yourself and your company. Prepare to be inspire.


Double Olympic gold medalist, Penny Heyns & renowned and international expert in the neuroscience of learning, Dr. Andre Vermeulen team up to inspire and develop people.

Mental Power is a high impact workshop to inspire and empower people to discover their potential, find their purpose and learn how to think like an Olympic Champion.

During the morning session participants will discover their potential through an 18 page brain profile that will help them to understand their amazing neurological wiring and answer the question “Who am I”. Participants will then create their own personal vision which will help them to answer the question:

“Where am I going to?”
In the afternoon session participants will learn how to be strong individuals, who have competitive fire and mental toughness. They will leave this session inspired to change behaviour and think like a Olympic Champion

  • Session 1: Your unique neurological wiring
  • Session 2: Finding Purpose
  • Session 3: Think like an Olympic champion
Werner Dyer, Chief Executive at Empowerment Academy
Johannesburg Area, South Africa


A fantastic learning experience and personal journey of self-discovery! A real ‘I-Opener’!
January 21, 2013.