Do you want to optimize your brain performance?

Do you want to out-think, out-learn, out-create & out-perform your competition? 

Do you want to improve the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think and learn?

Do you want to reduce your risk for error?

Are you maintaining optimum brain health?



If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, the Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) Drivers can help you. The NAP™ Drivers is a brain profile assessment used by universities, sports and businesses for talent selection, talent development, performance improvement, brain health optimization and minimizing potential risk for human error.

It is the most comprehensive brain performance optimization assessment to be found as it illustrates 6 factors that influence brain performance and health.

The NAP™ Drivers is valid and reliable. It is not a psychometric test, but an instrument to develop people and optimize performance.

Practitioner Training:

Neuro-Link offers online or live Brain Profile Practitioner Training to organizations, coaches, lecturers, teachers, psychologists, therapists, councilors, professionals in talent selection and development, wellness and performance improvement. The practitioner training will enable practitioners to assess and debrief others on the NAP™ Drivers assessment. They may also become Neuro-Link business partners and sell our profiles.

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Differentiating factors of the NAP™ Drivers that Optimize Brain Performance :

  •  It has profound implications for all people in education and learning and development industries as it is a strong indicator of how fast a person can learn and will also contribute to reduce neurological hindrances;


  • Offers a new and holistic framework of drivers that optimize brain performance which have novel implications for anyone responsible for the performance improvement of another and/or improving their brain health or wellness;


  • The framework of drivers that optimize brain performance has never been included in any assessment before which will have ramifications for psycho-metrics and other assessments;


  • Offers a scientific understanding of the mechanisms of brain fitness which has new educational, physical and medical implications for teachers, lecturers, coaches, sports coaches, occupational therapists, educational psychologists, remedial teachers, counselors and doctors;


  • Brain fitness as a driver to optimize brain performance, has never been included in any formal assessment before which have implications for people doing educational, psychometric, physical and sports performance assessments;


  • For the first time ever there is an instrument that indicates how the stress and fatigue levels of an individual influence their neurological design and their risk for human error. This especially will help professionals in the health and safety industry to reduce the occurrence of incidents and accidents and most importantly save lives.
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The NAP™ Drivers provides a summary on 6 drivers that optimize brain performance and an average of these drivers:

drivers that optimize brain performance

The NAP™ Drivers is an assessment for adults. It provides feedback on 6 drivers that influence brain performance, brain health and mental wellness.

The assessment results report consists of 8 pages. The following page is a summary of the 6 drivers that optimize brain performance>
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  • Increase accurate self – awareness
  • Optimize your brain performanceLRP Career canstockphoto11958804
  • Promote safety
  • Improved brain health
  • Find purpose
  •  Learn faster & smarter
  • Improve your self – esteem
  • Cope with stress & fatigue
  • Reduce risk for human error
  • Promote mental wellness

The NAP™ Drivers brain profile assessments have the following features:

1. Content:

  • Illustrates 6 drivers that impact brain performanceDoctor analyzing brain activity
  • Summary consisting of dashboards illustrating brain performance
  • 8 page report

2. Online:

  • Questionnaire – 60 easy questions (takes 30 minutes to complete)
  • Report consisting of 8 drivers
  • Automized debriefing videos
  • Post-evaluation of progress with regards to drivers that impact brain performance.

3. Group report for companies and teams about the group and individual design.

4. Translated into various versions of English, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Arabic and Russian.


This LRP™ Drivers assessment has significant application value to professionals in the following areas:


  • Talent selection – recruiters will be able to select “top brain performance” candidates for improved engagement, happiness and wellness;
  • Talent selection – recruiters will be able to align people’s design with the jobs they do more effectively, improving workplace happiness, engagement, wellness and performance;
  • Emotional intelligence development – workers will have a dashboard to help them improve their brain performance;
  • Performance improvement – performance optimization professionals will be able to help the workforce improve their brain fitness and overall brain performance, helping people work faster and smarter and being more productive and effective;
  • Performance improvement – coaches, therapists, counselors will have a dashboard to help coachees, and patients achieve their performance goals;
  • Workplace wellness – employee wellness practitioners will be able to increase workplace wellness and brain health assisting the workforce to reduce fatigue and stress and improve performance and promote workplace happiness;
  • Risk for human error – health and safety practitioners will be able to help people minimize their risk for human error, helping companies to reduce incidents, accidents and even prevent loss of life;
  • Engagement – workers will be able to engage more effectively in the workplace when they have accurate understanding of how they can contribute best, increasing productivity, wellness and happiness;
  • Learning culture – helping companies improve their work forces’ ability to learn fast, which will be one of their most sustainable advantages for the future.


  • Teacher/lecturer training – educating facilitators of learning to understand how to include the drivers that optimize brain performance in their learning transfer will assist them in helping learners accelerate their learning and improving their brain fitness;
  • Learning performance optimization – learners will accelerate their learning and obtain better results when identifying how they can optimize brain fitness.


  • Performance improvement – coaches, therapists, counselors will have a dashboard to help them improve the mental performance of athletes;
  • Risk of human error – coaches will be able to minimize athletes’ risk of human error;
  • Performance improvement – coaches will be able to help athletes improve their hand-eye coordination, brain fitness and overall brain performance, helping them to think faster, being more effective.