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As people truly are the most precious asset any business can have, it is essential for any people development practitioner and performance improvement professional to have an accurate understanding of how the human mind works, learns and thinks, and how it can be optimized. To validate and improve practices like coaching, teaching, talent development and performance improvement, it has to be grounded in neuroscience to ensure better efficiency, accuracy and results.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. If you want to optimize performance you need to know how the drivers that optimize brain performance will impact a person’s unique neurological design. Neuro-Link has developed the most comprehensive, multidimensional neuroscience instrument assessment yet, to determine this. Click here for more information about the LRP™ Advanced.

This online Higher Neuroscience Coaching course is the second phase of the Neuroscience Course offered by the University of Pretoria in partnership with Neuro-Link. In essence it is a Brain Profile Practitioner Program for coaches, sports coaches, educators, trainers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, consultants and organizations to learn the fundamentals of the neuroscience of coaching, learning, thinking and how the brain processes information. This information is organized into a brain profile assessment that illustrates 13 learning receptiveness aspects that impact who we are, how we learn, think and process information.  Neuro-Link has registered this brain profile assessment as the Learning Receptiveness Profile™ (LRP). The LRP™ brain profile assessment is a multi-dimensional, neuroscience assessment that measures 6 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 factors that determine a person’s neurological design. It is the most comprehensive neuroscience assessment that exists, as it assesses all the primary factors that influence brain performance and learning receptivity.

Practitioners are trained and certified to assess, debrief and sell the unique Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP™) as an assessment to drive results in talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, happiness, wellness and reducing risk of human error. The LRP™ is also a tool for coaches and practitioners to generate additional revenue as participants of this course can purchase and sell brain profile assessments after they have complied with all certification requirements.

The Higher Neuroscience Coaching course is an online, self-study program for professionals who are passionate about developing people, identifying their potential and improving performance. The program will enable you to become a Neuro-Link certified practitioner of one of many brain profile assessments that Neuro-Link offers to adults, students and children, depending on your expertise and areas of influence. It will also help you to align your coaching skills with your and your coachee’s neurodesign,assisting you to accurately understand the coachee and align your coaching approach with the coachee’s neurodesign, enhancing your impact profoundly. The course consists of videos, manuals, infographics, assessments and assignments. Once all theoretical and practical assignments have successfully been completed and the prospective practitioner has passed with 80% or more, Neuro-Link will certify the practitioner as competent to compile and debrief people on the brain profile assessment they choose. The University of Pretoria will then be notified and you will also receive a certificate of competence by the University of Pretoria. After certification you will become a Neuro-Link Brain Profile Practitioner of at least one of our brain profiles. You may also then choose to become a Neuro-Link business partner, which offers various business possibilities.


Woman in a lab coat standing in front of a 3D hologram of a brain product image Brain Profile Practitioner

Do you want to become a Neuro-Link practitioner or business partner?



Over more than 25 years, Neuro-Link has developed various cutting edge, multi-dimensional brain profile assessments to identify people’s potential, accelerate learning, align their neurodesign with subject and career choices, optimize brain performance, improve brain health, improve accurate self-awareness, develop talent and identify their risk for human error, based on people development needs that were identified in businesses, schools, universities and sports bodies.  These profiles offer fresh, neuroscience perspectives on neuro-physiological aspects of personality, drivers that optimize brain performance, brain fitness, identifying potential, determining risk for human error and identifying neurological hindrances.  The higher Neuroscience Coaching Program is an online Brain Profile Practitioner self-study training program for consultants, learning and development practitioners, performance improvement professionals, teachers, remedial teachers, lecturers, coaches, therapists,counselors and psychologists.



the differentiating factor about this second phase of the higher Neuroscience Coaching is that course participants are certified to assess and debrief people and generate revenue. Practitioners and business consultants are trained and certified to utilize the unique Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP™) as an assessment to drive results in talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, happiness, wellness and reducing risk of human error.

The LRP™ brain profile assessment is a multi-dimensional, neuroscience assessment that measures 6 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 factors that determine a person’s neurological design. It is the most comprehensive neuroscience assessment that exists, as it assesses all the primary factors that influence brain performance and learning receptivity.

This program is a must if you are passionate about developing others and want to identify their potential and/or improve performance. The training will enable you to become a certified practitioner of one of many brain profile assessments that Neuro-Link offers to adults, students and children.You have a choice to be certified in one of the following assessments:

At an additional upgrading cost, you can also be certified in all assessments and choose to become a Neuro-Link Business Partner. Should you be interested in doing this, you can contact a Neuro-Link representative after completion of this phase for more details.

The Higher Neuroscience Coaching program consists of videos, manuals, infographics, assessments and assignments. Once your assignments have successfully been completed and you have passed with 80% or more, Neuro-Link will certify you as a Neuro-Link brain profile practitioner who is competent to compile and debrief people on our brain profile assessments.

Brain Profile Practitioner Training Features:

  • 29 training videos – 14 hours duration time.
  • 4  manuals – Practitioner, Validation, Marketing & Business Fundamentals.
  • 1  LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment. 24 Page report consisting of 13 learning receptiveness factors. Questionnaire – 180 easy questions (takes 40 minutes to complete). Automized debriefing videos. Post-evaluation of progress with regards to drivers that impact brain performance and learning receptivity.
  • 4  free LRP™Advanced+ links for practice.
  • Infographics.
  • Live Practitioner training videos for reinforcement.
  • Marketing Power Points.
  • Multiple Choice Questionnaires.
  • Theoretical assignment.
  • Practitioner agreement.
  • Certificate of Competence if practitioners comply to all requirements.



  • Meet your amazing brain
  • Electro-chemical functioning of the brain
  • How the brain processes information
  • How behavior is formed
  • Drivers influencing brain performance


  • Learning implications of brain areas
  • 4 brain states
  • Discovering your unique, amazing neurological design


  • Understanding the Learning Receptiveness Profile
  • Defining and understanding brain and sensory dominance
  • Structure to interpret a brain profile assessment
  • Practical debriefing of a brain profile assessment


  • Preparing to compile a brain profile
  • Outline for doing a brain profile assessment
  • How to compille a brain profile assessment
  • How to do a brain profile assessment debriefing
  • Practical exam


  • Business fundamentals
  • Implications of your practitioners agreement
  • Ethical conduct
  • Theoretical assignment


After completion of this program, practitioners will be able to:

  • Identify neurological & learning hindrances
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Accurately assess people’s neurological design & learning potential
  • Measure and enhance brain performance
  • Maintain brain health
  • Debrief individuals on their neurodesign and the drivers that optimize their performance
  • Debrief teams on what the team profile and character looks like and the unique contribution each team member can make in the team.
  • Accelerate people’s learning results
  • Use Neuro-Link’s assessments as a revenue stream to generate income
  • It is my firm belief that the Neuro-Link Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP) is an invaluable tool from which all athletes and business people can benefit immensely. I believe the better one knows oneself the more successful you will be in maximizing your potential both in sport and life. The LRP gave me greater clarity on how I process information and specifically how stress impacts my unique neurological design and thereby potentially hinders my performance. This information now empowers me to learn how to better manage myself under pressure and improve my brain optimization.

    I believe the LRP is a great tool for both coaches and athletes. There is no relationship more vital to success in sport than the coach – athlete relationship and this profile gives huge insight into how each person functions best and what teaching styles work most effectively on the individual, thus empowering the coach to most effectively communicate information to the athlete and thereby attaining greater success. The LRP profile has further proved vital in my post athletic professional life as now my business partner and I better understand each other, our unique differences and how to best work as a team, thus increasing our productivity and hence attaining greater success.

    Penny Heyns – Double Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming
  • I was introduced to Dr. Andre’ through a TEDx talk after tirelessly watching every video and reading every book I could find on the subject of brain-based therapy. I immediately reached out to him and the very next day my husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing both his brain profiles personally. After working very closely with Dr. Andre’ to bring his innovative assessments to the USA, I am honored to say that he is not only one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever met; he is a humble, generous, trustworthy, and lives with great intention and purpose. His system of “developing people” is like nothing I have ever seen. I am not only one of his first licensed USA Neuro-link practitioners and offer it in my private practice, I jumped on the opportunity to become one of his first USA business partners as well. Dr. Andre’ has developed a program that changes standard learning into so much more. It gives everyone an opportunity to reach their highest potential; in school, at work, or in life. Thank you Dr. Andre’ for your dedication to advancing the awareness on a subject that is sometimes overlooked. Your work is so necessary, but more than that it gives people the ability to go from surviving to thriving!

    Nicole Kimmel, Ph.D.
    Co-Owner Thriveology, Co-Founder pH Life, Development Coach
    Missouri, United States
  • A “life-changing experience” is how I can best describe meeting Andre. Authenticity, expertise, curiosity, excitement for discovering and developing people’s potential, love for others, desire to contribute, spiritual wisdom, and above all PASSION for his calling are just few words in an attempt to describe who he is and what he gives so generously to those he encounters in his personal and professional path. Indeed, Andre is an outstanding example of a leader and an authority in the field of neuroscience; a man with mission that inspire people like me to become his partner, to join a vision in which individuals are aware of their potential and learn how to break the barriers to be the best they can be. Thus, I recommend my Teacher, Partner, and Friend, Dr. Andre Vermeulen to a professional or a business leader wanting to discover how neuroscience can be a solution to assess and develop human potential.

    Edith Tiencken, GPHR
    International Managing Director, Caliper Corp
    President - SBI, Inc., a Neuro-Link Regional Partner for LATAM
  • Skills Unlimited is very proud to be a licensee of Neuro-Link. Dr Andre Vermeulen is a very pro-active entrepreneur. He updates and aligns his material and profile often according to the latest research and trends in the world. His product is a must for every company and every individual.

    LM Grobler, Ph.D
    CEO at Skills Unlimited
    South Africa
  • Dr. Andre Vermeulen is a dedicated scientist committed to enabling better learning and living. His work in developing the Learning Readiness Profile results from two decades of research and practical application. He is a man who includes both heart and mind in all he does. He describes his “life’s work” as supporting others to understand their brain design. He has broken new ground and continues to chart a course that will enable many to be and do more of what is possible for them.

    Jeanette K. Winters, Ph.D.
    Fortune 100 - Talent Management Executive
  • I first met Andre when I presented at ASTD 2000. His presentation on brain science and learning was extremely interesting. I especially appreciated his information on the application of color in learning environments. Since then, Andre and I have become friends. I would gladly work with him at any time on any subject. He is dedicated, serious about his work, outgoing, and a wealth of knowledge. Any company who contracts him, or anyone who attends one of his presentations, is lucky indeed.

    Lenn Millbower
    Disney Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Trainer at Offbeat Training LLC
    Orlando, Florida
  • Andre Vermeulan is one of those rare people – a genuine expert in the field of neuroscience who understands people and the potential they have to transform themselves and the organizations they work in. His passion for his subject comes through in everything he does in ways that are helpful to others. Add to that – he is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am very proud to be doing so as a partner of Neuro-link.

    Neville Pritchard
    HR/ L&OD Transformation and Development Expert, Specialist Coach, Mentor & Business Leader
    United Kingdom
  • Andre is an intelligent, dedicated, goal-directed and compassionate being. He is ruthless (committed) about living out his passion for making a positive and uplifting difference in other people’s lives by developing and empowering them with brain-based knowledge, skills and attitudes. Andre is an inspiration to thousands of people and could easily be considered a legend in his field of expertise. You may think you know a lot. You may even think that you know all there is to know. Well… you’re wrong. I highly recommend that you have the 12 Emotional Intelligences profile done to truly and sustainably improve the quality of your life. You deserve it!

    Petrus Jacobs
    Discover Your Greatness Within
    South Africa
  • The Brain Profile Practitioner Training is a must for any skills development coach, educator and human resource officer in corporate organization. This course will empower you to understand yourself and other peoples preferred behaviours. People are very complex beings UNTIL you find ways to understand and develop attitudes, mindsets, behaviours and habits. Neuro-Link is the answer to a more holistic approach to life personally and corporately. I can highly recommend this course!!!

    Professor Pixie Pascoe
    Communication and Skills Strategist at Pascoe Motivations
    Johannesburg Area, South Africa
  • The Neuro-link family is a professional and highly motivated team, delivering an excellent product in an emotionally safe environment. I am highly impressed with the manner in which they address the gap in education, by providing each individual with a cost effective roadmap for successful teaching and learning. Their integrity and workmanship are sought after values in the market plains of our society.

    Elzette Brown
    Owner, Futurekids
    South Africa
  • I have attended Andre’s sessions at the ASTD International Conference. One word: outstanding! They were always standing room only sessions. Several reasons. First, Andre is an excellent presenter. Informative, entertaining, practical. Second, Andre pulls together research from a topic that many of us have a hard time understanding and helps it make sense. Third, he keeps information and knowledge current, constantly integrating the latest research. I highly recommend Andre.

    Howard Prager
    President at Advance Learning Group
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Brain Profiling is the ultimate tool to assist learners, corporates and individuals to find the real “you”. This profile is highly accurate and strengths based. Each and every learner should undergo the Neuro-Link Learning Receptiveness Profile to assist them in becoming even better at learning. Brain Profiling is a simple proven process to turn study frustrations into academic achievement. Corporates and adult individuals use this tool with success discover their strengths and areas for further development in all areas of their lives. The Neuro-Link Brain Profile changed my life in terms of my profession, marriage and relationship with others. I witness daily how learners just ‘gets it’ after doing this highly recommended profile. Many thanks to Andre and his team

    Manus du Toit
    Operations Manager at Performance Booster Program Pty (Ltd)
    South Africa
Infographic describing Neuro-Link's brain profile practitioner training