photo illustration of a student sitting on the ground with a laptop on his lap with a light bulb above his head (branding picture for Toolbox for Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Student Performer or LRP™ Student Performer)

The following case study is about a student who performed well at school but began to struggle as she encountered increasing pressure whilst studying at university. The university’s Department of Student counseling did a LRP™ Student Performer brain profile assessment and debriefing with her that changed her situation for the better.

Please click on the picture below for detailed information about actions taken to assist this student to learn faster, smarter and easier:Graduate Case Study


The student was assisted with the appropriate counseling to learn brain integration techniques and activities, learning strategies focused on the brain’s natural design and stress coping and wellness skills. A significant improvement in her brain performance and wellness was reported. Her marks improved significantly and she passed all subjects.


You can’t improve what you can’t measure

The LRP™ Student Performer is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, neuroscience instrument designed to help students understand their neurological design and optimize their brain, thinking and learning performance.

The LRP™ Student Performer brain profile assessment:

  • Clearly is a great point of departure for learners to identify where their learning difficulties are and offers suggestions to address these needs;
  • Is a great self-management tool to improve learning results, lifestyle and brain health and also offers a post-test to re-evaluate progress;
  • Confirms that neurodesign issues are sometimes confused with certain ADHD simptoms and when the neurodesign preference is correctly identified and understood, medication may not be required any further;
  • Confirms that alignment between learning preferences and learning strategies contributes to better learning results and more ease with learning;
  • Defines and clearly illustrates the principle of learning receptiveness and has profound positive development and performance improvement implications for all students like improved self-esteem;
  • Offers a new and holistic framework of drivers that optimize brain performance which have novel implications for performance improvement and/or improving brain health or wellness;
  • The holistic framework of drivers that optimize brain performance has never been included in any assessment before;
  • Offers a comprehensive, scientific understanding of the mechanisms of brain fitness which has profound learning and performance improvement implications;
  • Brain fitness as a driver to optimize brain performance, has never been included in any formal assessment before which have implications for all students;
  • Offers a clearer understanding of neurological dominance and its implications for learning and thinking;
  • Offers a ground breaking framework for understanding the neurological aspects of learning.