Developing people makes our hearts sing! We move performance forward by helping our clients develop a neuro-agile workforce who drive business results.


Neuro-Link’s purpose is to develop people. The neuroscience of learning is our passion. Our specialist field is the neuroscience of learning and improvement. Developing neuro-agile people is what we do.

We are workplace learning specialists, who follow a consultative approach to companies worldwide by offering them a predictive analysis of people’s neuro-agility, learning potential and optimizing their learning performance to create an agile, high performance work force.

The neuroscience of learning is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines how the brain learns, thinks, functions and processes information. It provides evidence and solutions to how cognitive functions of the brain can be developed and optimized. This specialized field grew from an evolving body of neuroscience research from many fields, but specifically also from brain-based learning and development. The neuroscience of learning provides sufficient evidence that can be put in practice in order to validate learning as one of the essential ingredients, if not the most sustainable ingredient for improving the performance of the workforce, improving productivity and impacting bottom line in profound ways.

We help companies improve their top and bottom line by developing their talent through our unique neuro-agility (NAP™) assessments and cutting edge learning solutions. Our brain profile assessments help organizations understand the neuro-design (potential) of their people and teams and also indicate how they can develop their talent. Neuro-Link improves our client’s competitive advantage by empowering them to out-think, out-learn and out-create their competition.


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Neuro-Link serves organizations and talent development professional to ensure their talent pipeline is robust, employee engagement is high, workplace happiness is satisfactory and employee wellness is good. Within the specialized field of the neuroscience of learning, we provide the following consulting services to your organization:

  • Talent Selection Solutions – Effective organizations know how to find the right person for the right position. By sourcing information from HR, teams and managers, we identify the neurodesign and drivers needed to succeed in a specific role, so you can be clear on which candidate have the best neurodesign (potential) to succeed in the position offered.
  • Talent Development Solutions – We help you develop your organization’s talent and improve people’s performance by following a 3-phased approach that incorporates our unique neuro-agility and EI assessments, learning & development and measuring results.
  • Leadership Development Solutions – Neuro-Link’s Impact Program is a powerful leadership development program that follows a neuroscience approach to develop emotional intelligent, agile leaders. The purpose of the program is to empower people with intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. It provides a world class emotional intelligence framework to develop leaders. This framework is applicable to any person who wants to lead through inspirational example.
  • Learning Culture Solutions – The ability to learn faster than your competition may be your companies only sustainable competitive advantage. We help your organization reshape and transform their corporate culture into a culture of learning through our assessments and learning solutions.
  • Developing Agile High Performing Teams – High performing, agile teams and agile team leaders are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” for developing agile organizations and organizational success. Teams naturally reach high performance in three to five years, but understanding how the brain works and aligning your team development practices with neuroscience, literally fast tracks teams into high performing, agile teams in as little as six months.
  • Performance Optimization Solutions – Through our unique brain fitness and advanced visual skills learning solutions we help 21st century workers to process information more effectively and work faster and smarter, not longer or harder.
  • Minimizing Risk for Human Error – People’s neuro-design may determine their risk for human error when fatigued. This may lead to serious injury or even death when operating dangerous machinery or tools. We help organizations to assess an individuals risk for human error by determining their neurological design. Neuro-Link also assists businesses to create brain friendly environments conducive for health and safety. Through our unique NAP™ assessments we also enable management and workers to understand their own and others’ neuro-design and how to minimize their risk for human error.
  • NeuroWellness – We offer a holistic wellness program to promote health and safety in the workplace. It compliments  all Employee Assistance Programs and Employee Wellness Programs as it focuses on empowering people to know what they should be doing for themselves before they seek assistance from professionals. Some companies implement this program as an organizational development intervention to proactively promote wellness and/or happiness in the workplace.
  • NeuroCoaching SolutionsWe offer neuro-coaching sessions and training to help you achieve your goals and business results.

If you have a talent development, performance optimization or workplace fatigue challenge, Neuro-Link can assist. We will assess your needs and determine the solutions appropriate for your needs.  Contact us for a free consultation!


We deliver science of learning services in the following ways:

  • Consulting with clients & developing tailor made learning solutions to their needs
  • Live training – workshops, motivational talks & practitioner training
  • Online assessments & solutions:
  • * Brain profile assessments for individuals, groups & job fit
    * Emotional intelligence profiles for individuals & groups
    * Brain profile practitioner training
    * Emotional intelligence practitioner training
    * 9 online emotional intelligence modules
    * Live webinars
  • Free awareness sessions
  • Blended learning solutions
Woman standing with a picture of a brain above her left hand

This specialized field consist of scientific research focusing on how the brain learns, thinks, functions and processes information. It provides evidence and solutions about how cognitive functions of the brain can be developed and optimized. It mostly grew from a people development technology called brain-based learning and development. The neuroscience of learning provides sufficient evidence that validates learning as one of the essential ingredients for improving the performance of the workforce and impacting bottom line. At Neuro-Link we believe:  “Learning is the DNA of the mind”.

  • Brain power will be one of the accelerating forces that brings about the forth industrial revolution and profound changes.

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Big changes are coming to the world of work, according to a recent report published by the World Economic Forum entitled: The Future of Jobs. The report states that the forth industrial revolution is here. It will cause widespread disruption to business models and labor markets over the next five years. An enormous change in the most desirable skills to thrive in the job market is predicted. The table below illustrates the top 10 most wanted skills in 2015 and most needed skills in 2020.


The scenario for 2020 changes: complex problem solving skills still occupies the top slot, but critical thinking skills and creativity takes the second and third position, with cognitive flexibility coming in new at number 10. The only way that people and business will be capable of maintaining their competitive advantage in this rapidly changing, information soaked, and turbulent world is to out-think, out-learn and out-create their competition. At the core learning is change. By gaining deep insight into how the brain functions in support of learning, creating, and problem-solving, we can better prepare people to adapt to a continually changing market place, thus allowing companies to maintain a competitive advantage in highly dynamic business environments.
Progressive companies realize that if they want to prosper, they must build learning into their organization as a core competency and remain committed to learning. A learning organization is an enterprise whose workforce has the mental flexibility to continuously adapt and adjust to new systems, new technology, and new strategies. It means their workforce must have the ability to apply what they have learned in diverse and continuously changing circumstances.

Successful global companies like Toyota know that their workforces’ ability to learn is requisite to progress in a highly competitive market. That is why they have adopted a philosophy called “Kaizen” (which means ongoing learning and improvement) to continuously invest in re-skilling, multi-skilling and rotating jobs to change behavior conducive to out-performing their competition.
“Neuroscience proves that the brain has unlimited learning potential. Therefore, there is no limit to what people can become. Companies are the sum total of the collective brain power of their people, so there is also no limit to what and who companies can be if they continuously invest into the learning potential and competence of their workforce,” says Dr. Andre Vermeulen, CEO of Neuro-Link,

Neuroscience offers a new way to think about learning. It offers a biological approach to cut through the clutter of potentially conflicting learning theories. Neuroscience helps us to move beyond theory to empirically-based facts.


Professionals in the workplace, responsible for:

  • creating a learning culture
  • talent selection
  • talent development
  • performance improvement
  • optimizing learning performance of the workforce
  • workplace wellness
  • workplace happiness
  • employee engagement
  • professionals in the field of health and safety should understand how the neuroscience of learning research will impact fatigue of workers
  • developing agile leaders.

Schools and Education:

  • All teachers and lecturers responsible for educating others should be grounded in the neuroscience of learning


  • Sports coached and athletes should understand how neuroscience of learning can help them achieve better results


  • Any person who wants to develop themselves should align their unique potential with appropriate skills to improve their performance. Neuro-Link offers great assessments to discover ones’ amazing neurological design (learning potential) and how brain performance can be optimized.
  • It includes information and research from exact sciences like anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, physiology, psychology, education etc.
  • It validates the behavioral sciences which forms the basis of most talent development initiatives
  • It is an inclusive people development technology. A brain has no color, race, age, culture, language or gender and therefore focuses on what people have in common with each other – a brain!
  • It is the most scientific, comprehensive and accurate framework for learning and development yet
  • Neuro-Link offers a predictive brain profile analyzes and framework to talent development professionals that deepens their understanding of people’s learning potential and how to optimize talent
  • It has a strong physiological approach
  • It delivers powerful business results as our case studies proves a strong return on  investment for our clients
  • It is based on neuroscience about the brain’s natural design for learning and how to develop people
  • It compliments any technical and people development science like:
    Neurolinguistics Programming, Emotional Intelligence and other behavioral sciences and integrates easily with other sound learning technologies.

There are certain fundamental premises of the neuroscience of learning that are essential for talent development professionals and learning facilitators to understand its implications and applications to organizational learning. Learners, facilitators and practitioners engaged in the field of learning, who are responsible to prepare children, students and workers for developing the skills necessary to prosper in the new landscape predicted for 2020, will be well-served to have a clearer understanding of issues such as:

  • The bio-chemistry of learning and thinking
  • The neuroscience of the learning cycle
  • How neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility is at the core of learning and behavior change
  • How the brain works and processes information
  • Learning implications of different brain areas
  • How to identify and optimize drivers that impact brain performance
  • The concept of neurological dominance, it’s relationship between brain hemisphere and sensory dominance and its impact on performance and safety
  • How to determine people’s unique neurodesign and learning potential
  • Aligning workers’ neurodesign and learning preferences with their job functions to increase their joy, energy, sense of purpose, engagement, performance, happiness and flow
  • How to prepare and activate the brain for learning, thinking and creativity
  • Brain fitness skills and exercises to flex mental muscle
  • Accommodating social and emotional learning in the workplace
  • Advanced visual skills for 21st century workers who processes volumes of information
  • How to develop complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence skills for future workers
  • Aligning workplace learning practices with memory and attention spans
  • Creating brain friendly working and learning environments

Therefore, anyone responsible for the learning and development of another, should strengthen their understanding of the neuroscience of learning and apply this evidence-based knowledge to their practice of human capital development. The goal would be for them to incorporate these fundamental principles into their learning design and test it through the applications of their new neuro-aligned learning interventions and determine its impact on behavior change and performance improvement.


New research on the science of learning suggests that many practices of old should be replaced with new practices in order to be more effective and optimize the performance of people. The following table illustrates how current business approaches and practices will have to change towards the future implications of the neuroscience of learning for the workplace:



Neuro-Link assists people, teams and organizations with the following talent development imperatives:

  • Talent selection
  • Provide a predictive analysis for learning potential
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Optimize performance improvement
  • Talent development
  • Leadership development
  • Promote employee wellness
  • Identify and minimize potential for human error
  • Minimize fatigue
  • Increase workplace flow
  • Create workplace happiness


  • Developing teachers and lectures through our assessments and learning solutions
  • Learner/student development through our assessments and whole brain learning solutions
  • Parent information sessions


  • Coaching support through individual athlete and team assessments
  • Mental performance optimization through our assessments and learning solutions


  • Assessments for children, parents and families
  • Motivational talks
  • Public seminars
  • Free information sessions
  • It provides better business results and return on investment than ever before.
  • It separates facts from fiction.
  • It is inclusive of all culture, races, genders and generations. Thus, it is vital for a global perspective on people development.
  • It is the most comprehensive frame work for learning and development yet.
  • It improves performance, productivity, workplace engagement and happiness.
  • It reduces risk for human error.

Neuroscience formula for optimizing performance and developing talent:

  • Neuro-design (your potential) + no skills = potential only (an indication of what can be)
  • Neuro-design (your potential) + general skill = competence
  • Neuro-design (your potential) + appropriate skill aligned with neuro-design = Good
  • Neuro-design (your potential) + well reinforced skill aligned with neuro-design = Great
  • Neuro-design (your potential) + great reinforcement of skills = Excellence & Mastery

Thus: talent development and performance  improvement starts with accurately identifying a persons neuro-design (potential) and then developing appropriate skills that are aligned with the persons neuro-design. 

* Neuro-Link has developed a one of a kind brain profile assessment to help you determine the neuro-design (potential) of people and appropriate learning solutions to optimize performance.