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Sishen Iron Ore Mine is part of the Kumba Iron Ore group inside the Anglo American Mine House. The mine aims at becoming a mega-mine within 5 years. Part of the human intervention taken to speed up the mine achieving it’s goals was to identify high potential employees and optimizing their performance. These employees’ development was “fast-tracked” in order to prepare them for management positions as quickly as possible.

The first part of the Sishen Fast Track Program was Neuro-Link’s High Achiever Program which is a brain-based intrapersonal and interpersonal development program that aimed at developing 12 emotional intelligence skills of primary importance for improved performance, success, wellness and happiness.

  • A Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment was compiled of all Fast Track candidates to identify their readiness for learning and to “fast-track” the drivers that influence their brain performance. This assessment also has a section that measures the persons neurodesign that is an indication of the person’s unique learning potential which serves as a good point of departure to start identifying and developing talent. Click here for more information about the LRP™ Advanced+


  • Subsequently, a 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ was compiled of all Fast Track candidates to determine their emotional intelligence competencies. The World Economic Forum rates emotional intelligence as one of the top 6 most desired skills for a person to be a high achiever and to prosper in the job market of the future. Studies prove that Emotional intelligence (EI) is the skill set that will have the single biggest impact on improving your performance.The purpose of this assessment is that it indicates the level of competence with regards to 12 emotional intelligence skills of primary importance. It also serves as a plan of action to improve performance. Click here for more information about the 12 Emotional Intelligence Profile Competencies Profile™



  • All Fast Track candidates underwent Neuro-Link’s world class emotional intelligence development program called the High Achiever, consisting of 9 modules of brain-based intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. A neuroscience approach was followed by using the LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment as the point of departure for developing the 12 emotional intelligence skills of primary importance. One module per month was presented to Fast Track participants over a period of 9 months. Click here for more information about the High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Development Program.
Photo illustration of a man holding a 3D hologram of a brain in both hands with the Neuro-Link logo in the brain (Neuro-Link LRP advanced + brain profile branding picture)

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After the above measures were taken, the following results were achieved:

  • Fast Track course participants at Sishen Iron Ore rated the Neuro-Link High Achiever Program. Evaluation was done with the Kirkmax program that rated Neuro-Link’s services as 86%, which means that a commendable performance was achieved
  • An Organizational Climate Assessment was done after Neuro-Link’s High Achiever Program. The OCA indicates whether a learning intervention  impacts company bottom line and is worth implementing. A minimum result of 3.1% improvement with this intervention was required to prove sufficient return on investment for the company. An 8% result was achieved!
  • 87% of participants were promoted to a supervisory or management position within 9 months of completing the Fast Track Program
  • Noticeable behavior changes in positive attitudes and company culture took place
  • Neuro-Link used the same assessment tools (the LRP™ and the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™) as a post-assessment to evaluate overall brain fitness and emotional intelligence competencies. Course participants’ brain fitness levels improved 20%, intrapersonal competencies improved 15% and interpersonal competencies improved 18%.
  • The 7 factors that determine people’s neurological design in the LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment served as an invaluable instrument for  talent/potential development as it guided participants and talent development practitioners to identify learning potential and how uniquely participants are talented.
  • The guidelines  to optimize brain performance, as illustrated in the LRP™ Advanced+, assisted participants to increase their over all brain fitness, performance, productivity, brain health and wellness, providing a return on investment (ROI) almost 3 times better than expected. 
  • Using the Learning Receptiveness percentage in the  LRP™ Advanced+ as an indicator for “High Potentials” worked very well. It illustrated how slow or fast candidates can learn new skills and unlearn old skills and provided professionals in the organization responsible for talent selection, talent management, performance improvement, leadership development and wellness with valuable information to identify “High Potentials”.
  • The 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ was a valuable assessment to identify “High Potentials” as it  illustrated which candidates have higher EI competence (consisting of 12 EI skills) who will be higher performing employees. Using this instrument for selecting “High Potentials” also helped the organization to decrease attrition rates.
  • The High Achiever Program provided a powerful emotional intelligence framework that served as a world class baseline to significantly improve performance, almost three times better than what the client would perceive as a sufficient return of their investment.
  • I would recommend that this profile becomes compulsory for all staff, especially managers.

  • A remarkable course which gives one the insight and knowledge to why change is necessary to be successful at what you do. It also helps you to build your personal relationships at home, and control yourself.

    Linsen Fernandez
    Sishen Iron Ore Mine
  • I recommend this product.

    Werner Dyer
    Chief Executive at Empowerment Academy
    Johannesburg Area, South Africa

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Click the box to see a testimonial of Mr. Kobus Meyer, organizational development executive at Sishen Iron Ore about the High Achiever Program that was the first phase of the Fast Track Program.