Business partner opportunities are available for professionals and entrepreneurs who share our passion for people development!

Do you want to leave a legacy by investing into the most precious commodity in the world – People!

Do you want to be part of an established business system that helps people discover their potential and move performance forward? 


Neuro-Link offers exciting business partner opportunities to selected entrepreneurial professionals to conduct business with our unique neuroscience assessments and  learning solutions. Practitioners are licensed and trained to become business partners who can utilize some, or all of Neuro-Link’s assessments, learning solutions and intellectual capital for financial gain.

The differentiating factor of our business partner opportunities are that we offer cutting edge assessments and learning solutions that are grounded in the neuroscience of learning. Our assessments enable us to accurately determine people’s neurological design (potential) and assess the drivers that optimize their brain performance. Subsequently we drive performance forward by following neuroscientific approaches to the learning solutions we use to improve people’s performance


There are many different business partner opportunities available depending on your unique need:

Neuro-Link Certified practitioner logo

Certified Practitioners are entrepreneurial professionals and organizations who have completed our Brain Profile Practitioner Self-Study Program. This practitioner can use and sell Brain Profile assessments to individual end-users, but is not licensed to sell in volumes to businesses. Many therapists, counselors and people development practitioners who work with people on a face-to-face basis prefer this option. The Certified Practitioner can sell up to 10 brain profile assessments per month.

Neuro-Link master certified practitioner logo

Master Certified Practitioners are entrepreneurial professionals and organizations who have completed our Brain Profile Self-Study Program and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Self-Study Program. This practitioner can use and sell Brain Profile assessments, EI assessments and Neuro-Link learning solutions to individual end-users, but is not licensed to sell in volumes to businesses. Master Certified Practitioners are typically therapist, counselors or people development practitioners who works with people on a face-to-face basis.

Neuro-Link Certified Partner logo

Certified Partners are entrepreneurial professionals who have completed our Brain Profile Practitioner Training only and has invested in the license to be a re-seller of Neuro-Link’s Brain Profile assessments in volumes to businesses. Certified Partners are typically coaches, schools, universities or businesses who works with volumes of people and use our brain profile assessments to compliment the work they do.

Neuro-LInk Master Certified partner logo

Master Certified Partners who are entrepreneurial professionals who have completed our Brain Profile Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Programs. This Partner has invested in the license to be a re-seller of our Brain Profile assessments, Emotional Intelligence assessments and EI learning solutions in volumes to business, corporations and educational institutions. Master Certified Partners are typically business consultants who and coaches who render learning and development solutions to business and organizations.

Neuro-Link corporate partner logo

Corporate Partners are qualified, experienced, entrepreneurial professionals who have completed all Neuro-Link’s certified practitioner training programs. They have also invested in licensing to resell all Neuro-Link assessments and learning solutions. They are recruiters of Master Certified Partners, Certified Partners and entrepreneurial practitioners. They can therefore develop a region allocated to them (like a country) by establishing a Neuro-Link business network under them. Corporate Partners are typically seasoned business consultants who have been working for years in the people development industry and has a strong platform of influence in the region allocated to them. They still maintain their unique identity and brand, but become distributors of all Neuro-Link products.

Neuro-Link regional corporate partner logo

Regional Corporate Partners meet our professional, entrepreneurial and business owner criteria and has invested in becoming a licensed business partner in a specific region. Besides direct sales and delivering all Neuro-Link assessment training and learning solutions within their designated region, they can recruit and be a business hub for Corporate Partners, Master Certified Partners, Certified Partners and entrepreneurial practitioners. Our Regional Corporate Business Partners are well known, credible people development businesses/organizations with wide reach and influence. They have a track record of stature and credibility in the world of business.

Neuro-Link has an affiliate program that pays standard commissions to entrepreneurs who refer business to us but do not wish to become a Neuro-Link practitioner or licensed business partner.

Referral Partners refer business leads and opportunities to Neuro-Link, but we still close the sale. A standard finder’s fee is paid per agreement.

Alliance and/or Joint Venture Partners are established businesses, that along with Neuro-Link can create mutual benefits.


Neuro-Link develops people. We optimize their brain performance. Neuro-Link helps people and organizations worldwide create a high performing workforce. We do this through our comprehensive brain profile assessments and neuroscientific learning solutions.

We assist our clients to gain a competitive advantage by empowering them to out-think, out-learn and out-create their competition.

This is done through our team of home office employees and business partners with backgrounds in organizational psychology, human resource management, sales management, corporate training, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology.

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

Our brain profile assessments and learning solutions are based on the neuroscience of learning, psychology, cognition and education. It gives people and organizations in-depth, objective, comprehensive and reliable information about themselves and other people and equips them with sound skills to develop their potential and improve their performance.


Our unique assessments measure:

  • 6 Drivers that optimize optimize brain performance
  • 7 factors that impact peoples neurological design
  • 13 learning receptiveness profiles

For organizations this information enables them to select the best person for a job, develop talent, improve performance, reduce the risk for human error, improve communication between employees and managers, grow high performance teams, and build sustainable learning cultures and values.

For individuals this information enables them to become more accurately aware of their unique qualities and attributes, manage themselves more effectively and improve their performance.

Neuro-Link licenses business partners to use our assessments and learning solutions to support the services they offer to their clients, such as recruiting, learning and development, performance improvement and executive coaching. They all have one thing in common: They are passionate about working with people!

If you have ever dreamed of launching your own recruiting, training or consulting practice, we have the tools and the expertise to help you succeed. Or if you are already in business, we can help you add additional products to increase your range of solutions and make your practice even more profitable.

By offering our brain profile assessments and learning solutions to your clients, you will provide them with tremendous insight into their organization and their people. You make money re-selling our assessments, which in turn creates many additional opportunities to provide learning solutions and value-added services to help your clients improve their performance.

So, we provide you with cutting edge assessment and learning solutions, an on-line assessment and learning solutions delivery system, sales and marketing support, and over 26 years of experience working with entrepreneurs. We take care of the science; technology and branding so you can focus on building your practice and helping your clients succeed.

Neuro-Link has a global foot print. We have business partners around the world, which gives us a very good understanding of what it takes to succeed in the people development industry. Prospective business partners must be disciplined self-starters with “executive presence.” Individuals must have a seasoned business background with a strong desire to build and maintain long-term client relationships. Typically our most successful partners are appropriately qualified for working in the people development industry, have an established business network and an unblemished track record of stature, credibility and integrity.

Successful Neuro-Link business partners include:

Corporate Consultants, Facilatators of Learning and Recruiters

Many corporate consultants, facilitators of learning and recruiters have found Neuro-Link’s assessments and learning solutions add great value to their existing portfolio of services, additional revenue streams, residual income, and a stable cash flow. In addition, many have found it to be a better way to build business, and they use the assessments and learning solutions to be more effective as a consultant or trainer.


If you are going into business for the first time, or if you are exploring a new entrepreneurial challenge, we have helped many people just like you realize their dreams. We offer a proven business opportunity and incredible support to generate significant income.

Executive Coaches

We have a proven neuro-coaching model to assist clients in learning about themselves and their organizations. Our brain profile assessments and learning solutions help coaches to help their clients see where they can develop themselves and identify success strategies. It also expands their revenue streams, offers residual income and cash flow. Many executive coaches have found our assessments and learning solutions to be great business building tools and they use our products to be more effective as coaches.


We have many professionals like psychologists, therapists and counselors who use some of our assessment or learning solutions in their practices.

Women Professionals

More than 65% of our business partners and many of our top performers are women. Many of them have left the workforce to spend time with family and needed the flexibility that the Neuro-Link business system offers.

Companies and Organizations

We have many businesses and organizations like schools and universities who are licensed practitioners of some or all of Neuro-Link’s assessments and learning solutions.

You cannot improve what you can’t measure.

1. Educational Institutions

Every credible educational institution has to assist students to optimize their learning performance and obtain the best possible results they can. Our Learning Receptiveness Profiles (LRP™) are very powerful instruments in the hands of teachers, lecturers, learning facilitators and talent developers as they are multidimensional assessments that assess 6 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 factors that influence people’s neuro-design. Only after accurate assessment of these factors a learner’s performance truly can be optimized.

2. Organizations

Every organization can benefit from helping their employees improve productivity and performance. Before you can improve performance you need to assess the drivers that impact brain performance. You will have the opportunity to provide the one thing that every company needs – effective people in the right place!

Employee and employer costs such as payroll and benefits etc. typically make up as much as 60% of a company’s expenses. Research shows that if people related costs make up more than 50% of expenses, the business is going to struggle to succeed financially. By helping companies to develop their talent you will help improve both the top and the bottom line. Because organizations are realizing that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, the market for employee assessments,talent management and performance improvement solutions is growing and offers numerous opportunities for our business partners. Neuro-Link’s assessments help organizations to identify and understand the unique design (potential) of their people and teams and identify future development opportunities to develop talent,improve performance,promote happiness, enhance wellness and reduce risk of human error.

3. Sports Institutions

The only way that sports people can maintain their competitive advantage in a competitive world is if they can out-think out-learn, out-create and out-perform their competition. This makes brain power their number one determiner for success. Cognitive science identifies 8 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 brain-based perspectives on how 21st century people will prefer to process information. Our neurological design determines who we are and how we process information, learn, think and perform. Every sports person has to understand this about themselves in order to be accurately aware of their unique strengths. Neuro-Link has unique assessments to assist sports people and coaches to understand their unique neurological design and the factors that can optimize their brain performance and mental alertness.

Like many things in life, you get out of it what you put in to it. Success is not guaranteed and will require a lot of hard work and commitment from you. However, the business can be very lucrative. We have some global business partners who earn more than $500,000 a year, using only Neuro-Link’s products.

Consider these benefits:

  • Significant earning potential
  • The ability to make a tangible difference in your community and world
  • An opportunity for personal and financial freedom
  • The luxury of controlling how you spend your time
  • The independence of owning your own business
  • The ability to work from your existing location, or even from your office at home
  • The freedom to determine your own travel schedule
  • The intellectual challenge and reward of working with executives and professionals at companies of all sizes across the world
  • The ability to add brand equity and increased value to your existing consulting business, if you have one
  • The flexibility of growing your business the way you want to
  • The ability to offer unique and credible products and services in the people development industry

As a Neuro-Link business partner, you have peace of mind knowing that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Consider the resources that we provide to our business partners:

  • Impactful proven assessments and learning solutions we continually improve
  • An assessment delivery platform to enable you to support your clients efficiently
  • Access to world-class marketing and sales support materials.
  • Exceptional training opportunities, both live, web-based and online to learn more about how to use our assessment products, how to sell our products, and how to best work with your clients
  • Access to other partners and practitioner meetings

Neuro-Link’s business partner opportunity are great ways to expand your existing consulting and training business without significant additional overheads.

  • Add a well-recognized brand to your portfolio
  • Add a recurring revenue stream to your business
  • Expand your revenue potential
  • Develop new clients and reasons to visit past clients
  • Diversify your product and service lines
  • Make your service offerings more meaningful and profitable
  • Offer added value and insight to your clients

If you have ever dreamed of launching your own training or consulting practice, we have the tools and the knowhow to help you succeed. Or if you are already in this type of business, we can help you add additional products to make your solutions more robust and your practice more profitable.

Neuro-Link’s business partners use our assessments and learning solutions to support the services they offer to their clients, such as learning and development, executive coaching, and human resources consulting. All have one thing in common: They are passionate about working with and people!

Neuro-Link Is Expanding Worldwide!

The vision of Dr. Andre Vermeulen to take the cutting edge neuroscience business system that he has developed to people all over the globe. It is now a reality due to enormous interest displayed worldwide. Universities, businesses, corporations, schools and professionals have welcomed and are implementing this technology worldwide. For more than 26 years of developing and implementing these assessments and learning solutions, we have proven results and a track record of effectively developing potential and improving performance.

If Developing people makes your heart sing, join the Neuro-Link family today! We always look forward to hearing from like minded people. Provide us with proof of your qualifications, business background and expertise, evidence of your network/platform of influence and reason for interest by clicking on CONTACT US below.