Motivator; The ignitor of fire and the one who passes the torch; A gardener who supports and develops others; Innovator and drilling machine, which extracts oil; Writer and enthusiastic reader, lifelong student, co-worker and the one who creates history; A loving wife and a loving mother.

My name is Anastasia Koryukova. I am a master coach (life & business), a coaching teacher and a business coach, a team coach. For 20 years now my professional business has been connected with people, it’s a great experience in working with large Russian oil companies, Russian banks and retail.

We have a common vocation with my husband Oleg Korukov. We develop people! We complement each other’s gifts and talents and work as a team.
I believe that every person is important and unique in his own way, everyone has a unique destiny and his concrete place in the overall picture of the world and in every sphere of his life. I like the systematic approach, where everyone finds his own individual place, reveals his creative potential and brings the maximum fruit. My passion in working with people is to help a person understand who he is, what his uniqueness is, how he is intelligent, what his vocation, his gifts and talents, what his life goal and mission is, also to accompany people in developing their potential, Train and see a breakthrough in achievements and results.


I enjoy working with people individually in life coaching adults, teenagers and children, and also in the corporate sector with leaders of organizations and teams. I like to share advanced technologies, knowledge that activate people and increase their productivity. My passion is train leaders in team coaching and management in the style of coaching, so that companies have prosperity and success. The real joy is of seeing results when people are happy in their workplaces, their company thrives and their customers and partners are happy. My motto in working with the corporate sector is: «Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships». Michael Jordan


It is a great honor for me to be a part of Neuro-Link’s great vision, to be a regional corporate representative throughout the Russian-speaking world. All the tools, unique products of the company Neuro-Link greatly enriched my work as a coach and business coach. I see how people live the strongest transformation, when they pass profiles and understand who they are, what unique neurological design they have, how and how to move to improve their productivity and become the best version of themselves and achieve maximum results in all areas of their lives.

“Finding your own way, finding out your place – this is everything for a person, it’s for him to become himself. Without an objective there is no activity, there is no goal without interests, and without activity there is no life.

V.G. Belinsky (Russian philosopher, writer, publicist)